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21 February 2015 @ 07:36 pm
Hey, menstrual cuppers! It's a new year (sorta) and we've got new members! It's really nice to see the community acting as a fresh resource for new and existing cup users.

If I could just ask everyone to take a look at the rules, that would be excellent. That includes new and old members. I've been observing some slippage on related topics and gender-neutral language on the part of both new and old members. The main thing is to keep this a civil and welcoming place for all cup users, so thanks for helping with that!
16 January 2018 @ 02:12 pm
Hi all! I've had a Lunette Model 1 for a few years now, and it is time to get a new cup. I like the Lunette, but I want to try something slightly softer this time. Also my Lunette somtimes leaked, so I want something that doesn't do that. I'm thinking about the Lena Sensitive, does anyone have expeerience with this cup? I am also thinking about the Ruby, but it's only slightly softer than the Lunette. Any thoughts on that cup too? Thanks!
05 January 2018 @ 09:09 pm
Hi there. I have recently gotten my period back after 2.5 years of not having one.. I decided to try a divacup and its not going so well. Today was my second day using it and my vagina is so sore. Im having leaking issues, taking it out is such a pain and causing soreness... i am about to just give up on it. I also have had an issue with it slipping down to thr point of almost falling out..

Any advice would be appreciated. Ive watched several videos and read several articles on how to use it but for some reason its not working for me...
02 January 2018 @ 10:04 pm
Every time I hear the song "Blood in the Cut" by K. Flay, I keep thinking "Blood in the Cup" and think about menstrual cups. Is it just me?

Current Music: K. Flay - Blood in the Cut
27 December 2017 @ 09:17 pm

I use the large Super Jennie because I have a really heavy flow, and I can't seem to remove it without pain. I pinch the base of the cup to break suction and then fold it into a C before pulling it out. It slides out smoothly but I feel a sharp pain in the vaginal opening when the rim of the cup comes out. Lube helps minimally. I should mention that inserting using a C fold is also super painful. Inserting with the punch-down fold and lube works, but I can't get it back into that shape to remove it.

Part of me feels like the large SJ is just too large for my anatomy, but using a smaller cup with less capacity just wouldn't be worth it for me. I have similar pain at the beginning of sex with any male partner, but I'm less willing to endure it for a cup. 

Anyone have a similar experience? 

21 December 2017 @ 10:58 am
Hi, I'm new here and i'n in need of some help im having some leakage with my diva cup. I have 2 children so I purchased the size 2 cup. It seems in place and feels comfortable but once I begin to move there is serious leakage. I tried the punch down and the cup wouldn't open . the c shape it pops open and i can turn the cup, yet there is still leakage. I'm also hearing a suction type noise when I romove it. Thank you
18 December 2017 @ 07:33 pm
Hello, I am looking for a specific picture comparing cups I thought (I could be wrong) I found through this forum a few years ago. It was a picture showing many different cups placed on a flat surface with the stems pointing up with lines in the background showing the length of the cups/stems. Those lines in the background had measurements on I believe mm. I think I saved it but not sure where. Anyone?

Hi! I'm in my early-twenties, virgin, never used tampons. I'm not sure whether I have a low cervix or a dangling cervix. Actually I'm not too clear on what the difference is, and how it affects your choice of cup. 

Is it low cervix = low cervix + short vagina canal, and dangling cervix = low cervix + long vaginal canal? If so, does this mean that if you have a dangling cervix, you need to buy a shorter cup so that it sits below the cervix without the cervix dangling inside the cup, or will your muscles pull the cup up in further along the canal and cause your cervix to sit inside even with a short cup, so you need to buy a longer one with more capacity? 

I don't have the opportunity to buy different cups and go through trial and error, so I'm hoping to get some advice here. I'm trying to decide between the Lily Cup and the Lily Cup Compact. I'm leaning towards the Lily Cup because some reviews have said it's easier to insert than the Compact version, and because of its higher capacity. Also because it's rimless. 

Originally I thought I had a low cervix so I'd have to get the Compact, but now I'm not sure. When not on my period, I have a medium/high cervix (whole finger fits and just reaches the cervix (~65mm)). On (the first day of) my period, it's like this: 

Touch cervix – Before 2nd knuckle (~38mm? Halfway between 1st and 2nd knuckle) 

Right of cervix (on my right hand side) – Whole finger (~65m) More roomy 

Read more...Collapse )
15 December 2017 @ 01:41 pm
Two years ago I made the decision to switch to menstrual cups after a long time of thinking and debating. Being my first time making an online purchase,I didn't pay attention to what cup I should be using( unfortunately), so my first ended up being a small Ladycup. Really bad choice for me. Firstly,I am a virgin,so insertion was absolute torture,and the popping sensation was really unconfortable(I ended up sitting on the edge of the tub all tensed up so it wouldn't take me by surprise). On the bright side,I learned all these tips and tricks so by now I gathered some useful knowledge about inserting and removing the cups. I decided to bite the bullet and bought a second one,a classic Lily cup size A. It was heavenly compared to the Ladycup,all smooth silicone,no rim whatsoever to get in the way ,but I noticed it's too long for me during tne first two days. It pushed my cervix up and causes unbearable cramps that don't go away until I remove it. So I decided to get a new,shorter and softer cup,but I really need advice until I make the purchase:would a Sibell cup be ideal,or a Lena sensitive? They cost the same for me,shipping and all , but so far I think the Sibell has nicer silicone. I'm holding back on the Lena because of the grip rings:I don't need them at all(my cervix is medium) and they look like they could become uncomfortable.
12 December 2017 @ 08:46 pm


I have had my meluna cup for about a year. 

Over the last couple of months it has started slipping down when I am wearing it. I have a really bad cough at the moment and a couple of times I have almost coughed it out. Once it gets down too low it feels really uncomfortable.

It is a medium sized meluna cup. I am 39 and have had two babies. I suspect my pelvic floor muscles are not what they were so I  might need to go for a bigger size. However I also have a lot of trouble getting it to pop open, especially when it is already at body temperature (rinsing it in cold water helps, but I can't always do this eg in the toilet at work). So I'd like to try something springier. Any recommendations?

When I first got the cup I had some teething troubles with the cup — I had to cut the stem off as it was too long, and I also have to turn it inside out as there was a rough edge where I cut the stem off . So this time I would probably get one without a stem.

Thank you.

12 December 2017 @ 05:20 pm

Hi Everyone,

I've read through the old posts, but I'm still not sure what the solution is, so here is my question.  I'm a long-time Diva Cup user — I've been using it for over 10 years.  Starting about a year ago, I started to leak while running and also frequently, over night.  My first thought was that my cup was simply too old, because I'd been using the same one this whole time.  I bought a new one and went up to a bigger size but I'm still having the same problem.  In fact, it seems almost impossible for me to run now without having a leak.  Heaviness of flow seems to have nothing to do with it.  It is rarely anywhere close to full when I take it out post-run.  I've experimented with emptying it right before a run only to have it leak 15 minutes later in any case.  I've tried to make sure I'm positioning it careful, checking the seal, etc., but really, I've being doing this for 10 years without a problem, so this seem unlikely to be the issue.  I do feel like the cup is moving around too much.  For example, having just come back from a (leaky) run now, it seemed a bit tilted to the side.     

I'm thinking I may just need a new brand, but I tried the Moon Cup on my sister's recommendation and I found it uncomfortable and it also leaked.  Any ideas on what is going on?  I really don't want to go back to tampons while running, but I'm running out of ideas here.

Thanks for your help!

07 December 2017 @ 11:13 pm
I am really struggling to get a lily cup compact in. For a bit of background info, I have never had sex nor used tampons before. I have however masturbated a lot and feel comfortable with my body, turns out none of this was relevant. I cannot get it in at all. I know where the entrance is and can fit 1 finger in but even so the walls cover the one finger and it is tight. This is not me being tense because I am not nervous and my vagina has the same tightness when masturbating (which is typically when the vagina is most relaxed/loose for me). I can't fit the cup in, I have tried numerous folds and positions. It just does not go in and it feels really bad. The exterior and interior burns whilst it occasionally throbs. I am tried absolutely everything, read so many manuals, threads, and watched a plethora of videos. Nothing seems to work and all I am left with is a sore vagina. I tried laying down, sitting up, lifting a leg, spreading, etc. Absolutely hopeless.. What do I do?! I have seen other comments and threads of girls struggling go fit the cup in as well but there were no clear responses, just ambiguous answers such as relax and try different positions. I am relaxed and I tried everything. It does not fit, perhaps I am inherently just not loose enough yet? I have been a pad user for 5 years and thought the cup would be an eco-friendly change.
06 December 2017 @ 09:32 pm
Hi, I'm a first-time cup user. I'm in the middle of my period, and today was the first day I left it in for 12 hours. Before now, I was on the learning curve and either couldn't get it to open, or it filled up too fast and I emptied it prior to 12 hours.

When I removed it at 12 hours today, it smelled like... Broccoli. That's the best description. It's not fishy at all, but both the blood and the cup smelled of broccoli. I'm soaking the cup now to try to get rid of it, but has that happened to anyone else? I've read several instances of a fishy smell or odor after leaving it in too long, but I don't think 12 hours should cause that. I'm fairly certain I don't have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis, but I'm concerned to put it back in. I'm not sexually active and never have been, so I've literally done nothing to cause a disruption in the bacteria or pH in my vagina, except use the cup for 12 hours. I should also mention that I've never had an issue with odor before. Yes, there's always the smell of the blood and uterine tissue oxidizing, but NEVER anything like what this smelled like.

I guess another question would be if there's an increased risk for infection using the cup? I've never had an infection or bv, so it seems odd. My hygiene is impeccable and I'm always very careful what products I use, especially in such sensitive areas.

Any help would be great! Thanks!
03 December 2017 @ 08:02 pm
Hello everyone,

I got my first menstrual cup, the Diva 1, about a month or so ago and used it on the 5th day of my period(It lasts for seven days) and it took me a while to insert it, and at first I got a little freaked out because it sucked itself up without me pushing it up(but my friend tells me it's normal.) and after that I felt it but I'm assuming it was because it was my first time, no leaks, just a slightly full and "knowing" feeling. I used it for the rest of my period that month.

Anyways, now I'm on my period again, on my 3rd day, and inserting it and taking it out are a little easier, but it does not suck/push itself like it did the first time. I have to push it myself but am too afraid to go in any farther so I leave it to where it rests and I can't feel the stem anymore. After an hour or so it's fine, I don't feel a thing, but then I start feeling it as if it's poking my side. If I walk around like on a stroll I feel as if it's wanting to come out.
Earlier I leaked so I took it out and reinserted. And I could feel it after about an hour and now I don't feel it (Maybe because I am sitting?)

My main concerns are the why it's not pushing itself up anymore, and why do I feel it even if I'm not leaking(except for that one time)?
I also cannot cut off the stem, it helps me with removing as the cup goes a little too high for me to reach without
01 December 2017 @ 08:12 am
Hi everyone.

I started using cups about two and a half years ago (age 17), I began with the small yuuki cup soft and now am using a XL meluna sport. I changed after taking up pole fitness classes as I found the yuuki was leaking too much (probably being crushed by improving pelvic floor muscles), I've been using the XL meluna for about a year and I still have issues with leaking. Quite honestly I feel like the cup is still too small - I have a very high cervix and as mentioned strong pelvic floor muscles, I try to experiment with different angles but I see little difference. I have been looking and trying to find a larger cup (not necessarily longer but with a larger diameter) but obviously I am using one of the largest on the market.

I love cups when they work for me and I don't want to stop using them but sometimes I wonder if its worth the hassle I'm having with making sure I don't leak.

Also I'm already using back up in the form of period pants (technically I think cheap incontinence panties from Amazon but they do the job) but I would still like the primary method I use to be cups.

I've also heard mixed things about firmness of cups, I was always under the impression that a firmer cup is better for those of us with strong muscles but recently I've heard a softer one can be better as it flexes more? I do think the issue with the yuuki was more that it was too small a cup generally than just too soft.

Does anybody have any advice for me or recommendations or anything? Its worth mentioning that my flow isn't super heavy, I use a large cup because i feel like it fits better. It's not like I'm filling it up too quickly and leaking, I just kinda leak round the sides of it😂

29 November 2017 @ 02:52 pm
So I just started birth control pill a couple of weeks ago and I’m getting some breakthrough bleeding. Was on the internet and came across soft cups. This interested me because I’m in a newish relationship and was wondering the best way to have sex while I’m expiercing this breakthrough bleeding. And you can have sex with these but noticed a lot of reviews expiercing leaking with these.

I am an avid menstrual cup user already and would just use these if planning on having sex. Please let me know your experience, if any with them.
26 November 2017 @ 10:20 pm
I've been using diva cup for about 2 years and i've never had an issue. Suddenly today (day 2 of my cycle) I'm having a lot of pain and tenderness deep in my abdomen. When I go to remove my cup the feeling of pain around my cervix is awful. I have to break the suction first then remove( I've never needed to do this before) I'm honestly a little worried. Anyone have any ideas as to what could be going on?
26 November 2017 @ 10:26 pm
Interesting revelation about the “blasted” diva cup and I see many new posts about the same concerns about getting it out so maybe this will help. I started off with the diva given it is the only one you can find in stores and discovered I have a freakishly long vagina. I had such issues getting it out! Thanks to this forum I discovered cups with much longer stems. I was using the yukki and the moon for about a year or two. Then I was curious and decided to try the diva again. So interestingly enough, the year or two of practice with the longer stems prepared me for the diva! After all that time I finally learned how to really use my vaginal muscles and now have very little trouble getting out the diva! I just reach up, work my muscles and the diva comes right down. Learning how to use my muscles has benefited other aspects of my life too ;)
23 November 2017 @ 10:47 pm
I have been reaserching a lot about menstrual cups and honestly I don’t mind using tampons and pads but a cup is more environmental and can stay in longer 👍. My mom is pretty understanding but I do not know how at all I would bring it up and what she would think of it! But I know she will be worried on how I am going to get it in (im 14). Christmas is coming up and I was thinking why not get her a cup as a gift and we can both try it out.I know it’s probally better to buy a menstruated cup for yourself but u think a diva cup would fit her because she has had 3 kids! I don’t know how awkward that would be (me to be buying and recommending products to her) because she is the mom. But excluding me, I think she herself could really benefit and she is always trying new things! Are menstruated cups really hard to adjust to compared t tampons and pads? And is giving my mom a mestrual cup a good idea? I would really appreciate any advice!👍😊
22 November 2017 @ 07:12 am
Hi everybody,
Just new to the community, I have ordered and still waiting to receive my cups.
I’m a flight attendant so there’s a chance I will be on a plane for all days of my period. I am a domestic flight attendant in Australia so my flights range from 1-5 hours, and I can do 2-4 a day.
I know for a fact air pressure affects a lot of places on your body. Has anybody had experience with a cup on the plane, any flight attendants out there with any advice or tips?!
Thankyou very much.
18 November 2017 @ 06:43 pm
Hi everyone

I recently started using a cup, and I really love it!

My problem: cervix moves a lot, it's very low the first 1-2 days of the cycle and then wanders extremely high up the following days, so I end up spending aroung 10 minutes retrieving my cup...

My cup: I use a small LadyCup, which I really like because it's small and it's firm enough to endure trainings. As stated above my cervix is very low on day 1 of the cycle, so I ended up trimming the stem off completely.

My question: I'm looking for a cup for my light days and here is where I need your opinion! I have considered following options:
- Buy a 2nd LadyCup and fit the stem for light days and high cervix
- Buy a NaturCup size I since it's considerably longer than a small LadyCup but it has the same diameter
- Buy a small Diva (small diameter, long body)
- Lily is a no go for me

What are your opinions? Do you have other suggestions?
18 November 2017 @ 12:40 pm
Hi everyone! I'm looking for advice for cleaning my cup between cycles. Will definitely venture into TMI, just to pre-warn you!

A bit of background, I've had my cups (Fleurcup, one of each size) for about 18 months and think they're great! At the moment I'm washing the cup with unscented intimate wash each day that I use it and then again once I'm finished, then using Milton liquid to sterilise (sometimes for up to 24hrs because I forget) and leaving it to dry before putting it away in a cloth pouch. My problem is a recent pap-smear found a slight infection. I took the antibiotics and tablets to help the good bacteria, everything was fine, then after my next period I think I'm noticing similar symptoms again! What's worse is we are trying to get pregnant, so I'm paying a lot more attention to what is going on down there, and an infection will make it a lot harder!

I'm going to reread everything on here about cleaning and sterilising but just wondering if anyone has any other tips!
Thanks in advance 😁
13 November 2017 @ 11:58 am
Just got my first menstrual cup- Lena cup. I’m using it today for the first day of my cycle... i seem to have gotten it in ok- tho I’m not 100% sure it’s open all the way. I’m walking around paranoid that it’s going to become uncomfortable or just fall out. Anyway, without getting my finger all the way around the cup,(i tried but wasn’t able to do it) how can i know for sure if it’s open all the way?

11 November 2017 @ 07:27 pm
Hey everyone!
Recently I've been researching and reading all about cups and how they work. And I have to say, they're freaking awesome! So I dug a little deeper to see which cups could work for me. I've narrowed it down to the Small Lunette and maybe the Small Lena or the Small Meluna since I'm a teen who's pretty active with a regular flow and medium cervix.
I decided to bite the bullet and ask my mom if she could buy me a cup and at first she was pretty skeptical, but she warmed up to the idea. And then she asked me why nobody I knew used cups, why hadn't she ever heard of them, if these "cups" were so great then why didn't anyone talk about them or spread the word. I've told her about how people just weren't informed, the initial cost is a bit of a shock and that some people just don't like the idea. And in all honesty, I have no idea what to do now since she just isn't convinced. Online, there are people raving about them and all these YT videos and blogs about how amazing and life changing they are, but she doesn't believe anything I show her.
I'm all in and excited by the idea of trying out a cup and possibly being able to forget about my period, but my mom refuses to buy me one until I find a friend or someone I know who has tried the cup (who is not from the internet) that has solid info about it. So I have no idea what to do. It would be very awkward and unlikely that anyone I know even knows what a menstrual cup is. But, I could buy a cup in my local superstore, but it's a Diva Cup which I already know is too big. I want to fully convince her, but I don't know how.
Alongside her other questions, she has also been pretty skeptical about the comfort and the ick factor no matter how many times I tell her about the people who have successfully used a cup.
I just noticed how long this is.. So if you're still reading, I would appreciate any advice.
31 October 2017 @ 09:45 pm
Hi, So I successfully inserted the cup, and I gotta say, I think the removal of it was a bit scary. Some of that might have been that because it was my first time that I didn't leave it in long enough, (only about 2 hours) and when I went to remove it, it had moved farther in. I could just reach the stem, and it took a bit of work to get it out. I was wondering if that was normal, because it wasn't full, or do I need a different size? I'm going to keep trying with this one, when my next period starts, but I kind of freaked myself out with it this time, and I didn't try it again.
Current Mood: worriedworried