21 February 2015 @ 07:36 pm
Hey, menstrual cuppers! It's a new year (sorta) and we've got new members! It's really nice to see the community acting as a fresh resource for new and existing cup users.

If I could just ask everyone to take a look at the rules, that would be excellent. That includes new and old members. I've been observing some slippage on related topics and gender-neutral language on the part of both new and old members. The main thing is to keep this a civil and welcoming place for all cup users, so thanks for helping with that!
25 April 2015 @ 11:17 pm
I haven't been using reusables for very long and I want to order some more cloth pads and eventually choose a second menstrual cup. I am in the US but there are only a few cup brands here. When I look at cloth pads, a lot of them are made outside of the US, especially those found on etsy. I've found a few things that a like and they are outside of the US.

I've read some horror stories about packages getting held up in customs and sometimes people having to pay ridiculous fee's in order to get their package. I've tried to research what the fees are all about but it is so much information and seems complicated. I am worried that if I buy anything outside of the US that this could happen to me. If it has anything to do with FDA approval, I can see where some shops state that they are approved while others don't mention it.

Does anyone know enough about it to be able to explain it? Has anyone else ever had to pay extra fee's to get their package?
24 April 2015 @ 08:46 pm
My apologies for posting so much, but I have yet another question that Google hasn't given me any answers to. What exactly are the "antibacterial properties" of menstrual cups that I always hear about? Considering that the vagina is populated with bacteria, if the cup were antibacterial, wouldn't this be bad news (e.g. yeast infection) for the vagina?
22 April 2015 @ 08:54 am
I bought the smaller Mooncup a couple of months ago and I really want to use it.
My problem is that I am able to, with some struggle and relativly pain-free, insert the cup. But once it is inside and expanded, it hurts. Sometimes I need to take it out right away cause it hurts so much. Once I had it overnight, but I could feel it all the time and it wasn't comfortable. I'm pretty sure it was not too low because when I was going to take it it had gone far up and I could barely reach the stem. That's also a problem, that when I take it out and pinch it to make the vaccum go away it hurts too, and it hurts during taking it out.

I am suspecting that the mooncup is too big for me, (I am not very used to penetration) Or that it has something to do with my Cervix...?

Anyone know what I should try next? And if I should buy a smaller cup, which brand do you recommend? I was thinking of a small MeLuna maybe. But I'd love your input.

Thanks in advance!
21 April 2015 @ 10:32 am
Hey everyone! Hoping someone can shed some light on this situation. I came across menstrual cups during one of my random internet forays, and had been considering trying one for a while. About 3 months ago when I went to pick up more tampons during my period, the drugstore was out of the ones I needed so I decided what the hell, may as well be now, and bought a Diva Cup instead. So far, I love it. It's definitely messier when emptying, but the advantages far outweigh that inconvenience. I've been raving to a lot of my friends and recommending they all try one.

My last couple of cycles though, using the cup for the whole thing, I've had some leaking issues. Last cycle, I had the cup in for about 6 hours on one of my heavier days, when it started leaking spontaneously and rapidly. When I looked to see what the problem was, it was fairly full, but I don't think to the point of overflow. I have my period right now as well and have had the same issue a couple of times. Last night I was just sitting on the couch with my partner, it had been fine for about 4 hours or so, no leaks or problems, when I felt the cup start to leak so immediately went and emptied it. This morning when I woke up, as well, I realized that the cup had started leaking shortly before I woke up. I think it would have been in for about 8 hours total. Both times, the cup was only about half full, maybe a little more. Not as full as it was the first time that happened, and I don't think anywhere near full enough it should be overflowing...I'm puzzled.

I'm 21 using a size 1 Diva Cup - never had kids and also always had a fairly "tight" vagina, and my pelvic muscles are all strong enough that when defecating with the cup in, I have to put my finger on the end of the stem to hold it in place so I don't push that out as well. Sometimes even a strong cough, I need to clench it in place so it doesn't get pushed down. Maybe a little TMI, but my point is, I don't think the leakage issues are due to weak muscles or improper placement. I always sweep around with my finger to make sure the cup is properly open and situated, and as I've said, the cup will be totally fine for several hours before leaking occurs.
I did read a few posts regarding a "dangly" cervix taking up space in the cup, and causing it to overflow before it should. However, I've never even been able to really feel my cervix with my finger, it's too far up. So, I don't think that's the problem either. As well, as mentioned before, the cup has been varying levels of fullness when this spontaneous leaking occurs.

Anyhow - I did email their customer support, explaining the problem in detail, and they very unhelpfully sent back a copy/paste of the success tips and FAQs that I had already read on the website. I love my Diva Cup for many reasons, and I don't want to go back to tampons and pads, but I may have to if I can't figure out this random leaking issue. So sorry for the long post, but I'm really hoping someone can help me out here! Has anyone else experienced this, or have any idea what the problem might be? Thanks in advance!
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20 April 2015 @ 09:00 pm
Hi, I just got a diva cup and it's my first time getting a menstrual cup. It's a size 2 cup and bought it from someone in my city who was selling them online in bulk, but I feel like I'm more of a size 1 (I'm a virgin). I was wondering whether I might fit the size 2, or whether I should just hang onto it and see if I can trade for a different one since I haven't used it yet. I guess I'd just like to find out whether the size 2 is a big difference from the size 1. Should I just try it anyways?
Hi :) i want to start off saying thank you for this community for helping me find my way into menstrual cups a year ago. So far everything is great, except for the first day of my cycle. On the first day i get normal cramps, but using a menstrual cup worsens them and gives me a bloated feeling. The rest of my cycle is just fine, and i can never feel the cup itself. Right now i am using a lunette size 2, for its firmness and capacity. However it may be putting a little too much pressure, but i dont think its because of my cervix its hitting. Before i tried my lunnette i had a size 1 rainbow cup, which was TOO soft and TOO small of a capacity. I am only 17 but i have no issues inserting, taking out, or even feeling the cup.

TLDR: I've been using a lunnette 2, but its been causing worsened cramps on the first day. I'm looking for a cup with a capacity like lunette 2 but a little softer(maybe the evaCup). Plus any ideas on what could be causing the cramps?
20 April 2015 @ 01:38 pm
I'm waiting for my cuplee to arrive and stumbled upon a youtube link comparing cuplee and blossom cup. Apparently, blossom cup is a softer cup than the cuplee! Anyone has a blossom cup would like to share their experience on the blossom cup?
20 April 2015 @ 02:47 pm
I am a new user. I am 45 and have had vaginal births for 3 kids, and labored to the end but ended with a c-section for 2, and had 1 planned c-section. I had a prolapsed uterus or cervix before my last child but it improved. Tampons don't stay in anymore and I was very excited to try a menstrual cup.

I just got a Lunette in the larger size. I've had some trouble getting it in but I *think* I have succeeded a few times. When I have it in where I think it should be, I can't feel it. But the cup still slides down on me. If I sneeze or cough or pee, it comes down as well. If I just walk around, it slides down pretty quickly as well. Does this mean I didn't get it in well enough or do this mean this cup isn't a good fit for me? I don't want to give up on a cup! Advice please! :)
19 April 2015 @ 05:57 pm
Hello, I need some advice please. I would like to cut the no-spill lid off my FemmyCycle... why? Long story. If I cut it off and file the edges smooth, would the raw material be more porous and prone to collecting bacteria? I know that some women have trimmed the stems, some have even filed down the grip rings. I was wondering how safe that is. Thanks.
18 April 2015 @ 10:49 pm
I was fascinated by the idea of having a menstrual cup but I still can't get one in! I purchased the small Ladycup a while ago. I'm scared that it will pop open before I get the rim of the cup in. My question is how far in do you put the cup before you let it pop open? I feel like there is a ridge down there that the cup needs to pass before it is far in enough and so that I can let go... Also, do you put your fingers in when you are inserting it? I've watched youtube videos and it seems that they insert their thumb and finger in with the cup.
I can't seem to hold the Ladycup long enough in the punch down fold before it starts unfolding since the rim is quite stiff so would a softer cup be better? I was thinking of the Iriscup because it isn't as soft as the Meluna soft or Cuplee. But I've also heard that it's quite similar to the Ladycup. I'm 22 years old and I've never had a child. I think I have a low to medium cervix but I can't quite get 2 fingers in. I also have trouble getting in large tampons, I can only insert slim regular tampons.

Thanks in advance! I know there are a few questions in there but any help would be great. I really want to learn to use a cup and have a stress free period :)
18 April 2015 @ 10:49 am
So, I took the plunge and cut the short, elasticky stem off my Gaia - have commented in many posts how it seemed to just "get in the way" during removal.

No sooner do I do that, than I notice an unexpected result: the Gaia seems to tilt to one side or another more often, it can be hard to find the true bottom to remove it. And one morning (good thing I was wearing backup during the night) it had even completely turned itself sideways! It did not open like usual (this cup I never check), stayed in a C-fold all night and by the morning, was horizontal. Hmmm.

Makes me wonder whether those short stems aren't just for removal, but sort of "anchor" the cup and keep it from turning sideways?
18 April 2015 @ 12:07 am
I know we have seen a cup similar to this, but I have never actually seen a demonstration on YouTube. I think its interesting because they show the demonstration with water, but menstrual blood has a way different composition. I can't imagine using this cup. Anyone know someone who has actually tried this cup? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbKp8JZb-d4

Edit: Oh! I was looking up patents for menstrual cups and there is a patent for an inflatable menstrual cup. Now THAT was interesting to read!
16 April 2015 @ 09:34 pm
I hope someone doesn't mind helping...

I've used the diva cup size one for a couple cycles now. It keeps leaking! Like murder scene style! It's leaked while being active, while sitting, while sleeping too. Sometimes there is only a small amount of menstrual fluid inside the cup, other times it's pretty much empty.
I know it has popped open all the way because I have literally felt it pop open inside of me. Also, I've felt around the edges and it's nice, smooth, and open.
I don't know if I've ever felt my cervix. I have felt around in there and don't think I've reached it. But I must admit-I'm not really familiar with the inside of my vagina.
My stem has been trimmed pretty much all the way because it kept poking me.
Another problem I've had with it is bladder pressure-I feel like I need to urinate all the time even if I've just gone. I also have trouble urinating if I don't take the cup out.
Oh- I am 30 years old, no children, and slightly to moderately active.
I really don't know what to do. I think I just need a different cup but have no idea if I need a softer, wider, and shorter cup??
Thank you so much in advance. I'm so glad there is a community like this in existence!
16 April 2015 @ 03:19 pm
Hello all!

Joined Livejournal just so I could ask questions about using cups.

My stats: Age 30, 2 children via c-section. Cycle has gotten heavier between children. I have never filled my cup more than about 60%, even using overnight.

I have used a Ladycup for a couple of years now between pregnancies. I have a large and cut the stem all the way off. I always insert using a "U" fold.

Here are the issues I am having:

1. Day 1, insertion leaves me very crampy and full feeling. It's like it takes the cup a couple of days to "settle" or something. I find it more comfortable on day 3 and 4.

2. SUCTION! I did read the post on suction, but the cup goes where it wants. It "sucks" all the way up and then I can feel it open across my cervix. Feels about the equivalent of having a pap done. It's actually how I know the cup popped open. Not sure if this is normal? It makes a fairly prominent noise (sorry, TMI!!!) on removal, too. I am plus-sized and carry my weight around my middle (I am about a US size 14/16), and reaching "up there" is sometimes difficult, so I don't think I can actually reach up to the rim to break the seal. Because of the firmness of the rim and the softness of the body on a Ladycup, it doesn't seem like squeezing the bottom is very effective in breaking the seal.

3. I feel like the cup is too long in the beginning of my cycle. Again, towards the middle of my period it is more comfortable, but even without the stem the cup itself can feel "poky". Hope that makes sense!

4. Difficulty urinating. It's hard to pee with it in, and I pee a lot more than I need to clean out my cup, so removal to urinate is not ideal.

5. I am not having leaking, but wondering if the cup is too wide? I *think* my muscles are squishing it a bit. The rim is open, but the cup itself is always dented when I am wearing it. I am hesitant to go with a firmer cup due to my aforementioned pressure/urination issues.

BASED ON THESE 5 THINGS, would you recommend a different cup? Am I doing it wrong?

Thank you ladies, any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!
After my issues with leaking for seemingly no reason and the disaster I had at work this morning, I need some encouragement to keep trying with the cup. I'm certainly liking my Ruby Cup better than my Diva cup (even after enlarging the holes), but I have trouble getting them to pop open fully around my cervix rather than partially or against it. I tried one insertion tip for popping open using the punch-down fold (since I get the crooked cup problem with the c-fold) but I couldn't get it to open at all until I pulled it out and it snapped open, flinging blood all over the walls of the public restroom at work. After that horror story (including apologizing to my boss for my extended bathroom break) I just want to give up and not have to figure out the leaking issue either. Any encouragement or tips would be appreciated.
P.S. A detailed definition of residual slobber vs leaking would also be very much appreciated.
15 April 2015 @ 03:31 pm
I bought my cuplee from the millady website on 4/1 or 2 and I've been tracking it's location with the code provided to me. The package was at the export(PCI-6) for 8 days,is that normal? I saw a clip where a guy opened his package from Russia and it was empty...The clip might be a fake though. However, I'm starting to wonder if the person opened the package and used it...and put it back to send it out... I hope this is just my paranoia. How long did it take for you to receive your cuplee?

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14 April 2015 @ 09:51 pm
I just got a new cup, which means it's time to spam you all with pictures!

A quick shout-out to Red Herring, who has a crapton of cups and has made detailed videos comparing the stiffness of her cups in both body and rim. She also has videos comparing one cup to all other cups in squishiness and general reviews and such. It was the first good look I've had at both sizes of the Evacup. It reassured me that the large size was more or less like other larges and not extra long to make up for the short stem.

Pictures! So many! Long post ahead.Collapse )

Mods, can we can get an Evacup tag? I feel a bit silly tagging every cup except the main subject of the post. Thanks!
14 April 2015 @ 09:48 pm
Hello Everyone,
I would like some advice. I'm 18, and I've never used a menstrual cup. I'm trying to pick one that will fit me at least reasonably well. I know I have a high cervix. During my last period, I couldn't touch it at all. Just soft tissue up as far as I can reach - except for a small bump on the back wall. I'm pretty sure that's not my cervix though, because the tunnel kept going right on past it. I also think I have a fairly narrow vagina. I've never been able to wear tampons, even the smallest ones, because they were just to painful. I'm assuming that I have pretty strong pelvic floor muscles, because I hike, bike, and dance a lot. I was considering either the Diva (small) or the Keeper/Moon Cup US, as those seem to be the longest, but I'm concerned about them being to wide, and also that the Keeper seems to have no grip rings. Can anyone speak to this? Does anyone one with similar anatomy have experience with whether these cups were a good fit (or which other cups were?)
Hello! I'm Emily and I'm 30 (married but no children). I'm trying to figure out which cup is best for me. I'm sick of using tampons and haven't used pads since I was 12. I tried using the reusable Instead Softcup and still haven't figured out where to position it. I can barely get it past my pubic bone because my fingers are short, so it pokes out slightly from my pubic bone and will leak. I also haven't been able to find my cervix. I've tried using my index and middle fingers and just can't seem to reach it. I read that the Diva Cup might be a good cup to try out because of length but I'm greatly considering the Lilycup. I've heard amazing things about the smooth silicone and I can't help but find the design aesthetically pleasing, though I'm trying really hard not to let looks influence my purchase decision! I just tried finding my cervix again from a standing position and think I might have found it? Is it behind your pubic bone? I'm on my period now, which seems like a good time to figure out where your cervix is so you figure out length of cup needed? Idk! I'm feeling clueless and lost!
I'm using the Softcup right now and I feel miserable. I think it's pressing against my cervix because I'm cramping really bad. It's also leaking, I think because I just can't seem to position it correctly.

I just feel lost about all of this and what cup to buy, but I know I'm sick of messing with the Instead Softcup.


I have a small mooncup and I'm considering getting a small lunette. I know that measured to the holes lunette has a higher capacity. But in use is the difference noticeable? I'm not sure how accurate 'to the holes' measurements are in determining when the cup will overflow. I'm sure it's fine to be used as a rough guide, but there are bound to be other things that decrease the capacity, such as the cup sitting at a slight tilt inside you, muscles squeezing the cup a little bit, fluid making the cup heavier etc.

So I'm just looking for experiences really. If you've used both do you notice a difference in how often you need to empty?

Or does anyone have any general opinions/experiences on how accurate 'to the holes' is in practice?

13 April 2015 @ 11:54 pm
My first menstrual cup was the lily cup size B (I've given birth vaginally). I was so excited! I have a low cervix but I am able to get this cup to work for me but it is not easy. At all. My muscles crush this super soft and squishy cup like a hot knife through butter! Before I can get this cup to even unfold it seals to my walls, I have to spend ages trying to continuously break the seal and try to get as much air into the cup as possible. So, I decided to get the lunette model 2, and also bought the meLuna medium classic, for lighter days. All my cups are so pretty and I love them! Unfortunately not one of them work well for me.
Turns out my cervix is crazy tilted. This is how I can best explain; If my vagina were a clock, My uterus and cervix would be at 12, vaginal opening would be at 6, and my cervix's opening is at 2 or 3..
The lunette, and meluna's rims are flat and there isn't enough room to get my cup to situate around my cervix, even if there were enough room the cup would just tip, because of the lily cups shape, it actually works for my body, since the longer rim is small enough to fit in the tiny crevice between my cervix and vaginal wall, but as I said before, getting this cup to open is a brutal process, takes ages, and on my heavy day my cervix gets drawn pretty far in my cup and takes up capacity.(another reason I wanted the Lunette)
So my question(about time!) are there any cups out there that have a similar shape to the lily cup, with one side of the rim longer, but a firmer cup?
Or any tips on getting the lunette or meluna to work for me?
We are blessed with having internal storages for most of our bodily fluids and wastes, such as the bladder for urine and the intestines for fecal matter. Unfortunately, nature somehow overlooked the importance of having a similar storage system for another bodily function: menstrual fluid. Rather than having a muscular receptacle to hold it in place until it can be discharged at a convenient time, it oozes uncontrollably out of a bodily orifice.

This results in a major inconvenience in modern society, since people are expected to do things in their daily lives. In other words, there was a need for ways to manage this bodily function, and so came sanitary options.

Traditional sanitary options are meant to be temporary placeholders that absorb the fluid and are quickly changed when saturated, leading to unsustainable resource waste and inconvenience in daily life. Imagine how inconvenient this would be in the case of other bodily functions, such as urination and defecation! (Yes, I know that incontinence exists, but unlike menstruation, incontinence is not something that a significant portion of the population has to deal with.) But in the case of menstruation, it is commonly seen as the only way to manage menstruation.

The menstrual cup is theoretically a smarter idea because, in the absence of an internal storage receptacle in the body to store menstrual fluid until it can be dealt with at a convenient time, mankind has invented an artificial one. We are filling a need that nature has forgotten to fulfill, in the way of how nature has fulfilled similar needs. After all, why reinvent the wheel, as they say?

11 April 2015 @ 07:31 pm
I have been struggling with an anal fissure for about 3 years now. I have been in and out of the doctors office for it. Surgery, laxatives, you name it! Anyway, doctors seem to be confused about menstrual cups and they don't give me an answer because there's probably not enough research to give someone like me an answer to my question. I want to get your opinion on this topic. Do you think menstrual cups can effect an anal fissure?

Edit: My anal fissure is improving since surgery. I am not looking for too much advice on how to heal it because I am seeing a doctor for that. I would like to get advice on how you think menstrual cups could effect it. I don't have friends who use menstrual cups, so I just want to have a discussion about it with all of you. I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.
I have a model 1 Juju menstrual cup. I can insert it with no problems. However, when I try to remove it, I am unable to get a grip on it with my fingers, as it seems to go too far up. The only way I was able to remove it was to push down on it with my finger and pull it down, which caused the blood to spill out. Any removal tips?