01 September 2014 @ 06:48 pm
Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to the world of menstrual cups, only discovered them about six months ago and bought a Diva size 1 that I've used for about three cycles. I'm 24 years old, no children, not a virgin. I'm assuming I have a high cervix because I have never been able to feel it even while on my period and when I have the Diva size 1 in the entire stem is inside of me, sometimes it takes some bearing down to even reach the stem but other times I can feel the stem in an uncomfortable position (not pain, just annoying). I think been pretty successful with my Diva cup for only using it for a few months. I still get residual slobber and leak maybe one day out of my cycle but I wouldn't consider it a major leak. I'm at the point that I can feel if the position/seal isn't perfect so I know if it is going to leak. I always thought I had a heavier flow but I fill the Diva size 1 a little over half-way every 9-12 hours. I'm in nursing school right now so some days I'm away from my house for 12-13 hours so I would like a fairly high capacity cup. I'm interested in getting a second cup and was considering trying another brand. I've looked at the size comparison charts (a few times!) but I feel completely overwhelmed trying to decide on a second cup because there is so much to take into consideration! Ones I've looked into are the Lunette, Si-Bell, and MeLuna. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great! Also, I apologize if this is a repetitive post. I've read a lot of older posts and tried searching the different tags but couldn't quite find what I was looking for.
30 August 2014 @ 12:04 am
Ebay "Moonflower" cup?
Almost looks legit if you read the description.
27 August 2014 @ 11:58 pm
I am fairly new to menstrual cups. I am 32 and have vaginally birthed 2 babies. My youngest is almost 2. I have been using the moon cup, size A for a couple of months. I have had pretty intense discomfort all day today (day 1 of my cycle.) It borders on being painful, is similar to cramping but seems more in my vaginal canal and almost radiates to my rectum. I took the cup out this evening and the discomfort was gone almost immediately. I do not want to go back to tampons but also don't want to be in pain. What could be causing this? And how do I correct it? Is it the type of cup, positioning etc.? Please help, and thank you in advance.
27 August 2014 @ 06:06 pm
I just started using my Diva Cup, it's worked wonders! However, I had one bad leak and now I can't seem to get the suction right. I have been using the 7-fold. I'm thinking I just need more practice. What other folds make the cup tiny at the tip? Punch down and 7 fold have been my best bets so far.
27 August 2014 @ 12:54 am
Hello everyone!

Straight up question, how would you rate the small Lunette's softness, and does it change over time?

I know this has been answered before but not very clearly, because I have read everything there is to read on this subject and still haven't gotten a satisfying answer. On Melissa's ratings it is a 4, with the large being an 8 and the small Fleurcup being a 2. I own both a large Lunette and a small Fleur and to me they feel almost the same. Not exactly the same but there certainly isn't a 6 point difference! Now I'm not saying Melissa is wrong, that's why I asked if the cup's stiffness varies over time, and maybe that's why every one's answer is different?

I own a small and a large Iriscup and she rated the large Iriscup a 1.7, almost the same as the Fleurcup, but to me the Fleur feels like a brick next to the Iris! (Which is like a sponge)

Then comes the small Iris, which is firmer than the large, and is my goldilocks! If I could change anything about it, it would be the capacity. That's why I'm looking at the Lunette. Looks to me like it is about the same shape and size, but with the holes being higher hopefully making it higher capacity. But is it firmer? Those of you who actually have the small on both of these brands, how would you compare their softness? (Both on the rim and base) and if you have any other brand to compare it to, you're welcome to answer! I own about 6 other cups. Pics are encouraged.

Thank uu!!

Edit: I almost forgot I have a small no name Ebay cup (supposed to be the Green Donna trying not to get sued) that everyone says it's the exact same thing as the small Lunette. Is it? I can tell they used the same mold because the thing is an exact copy, but what about the softness? (Or should I say firmness, it feels pretty hard)

Ps: Melissa, I love u! Pls don't be mad at me lol
26 August 2014 @ 06:09 pm
Hi everyone! I'm so happy to have found this forum and am really helping someone can help me out with a so far unanswerable question. I have stalked many blogs and forums to try and find answers, and have tried MANY suggestions so far, but nothing has really worked yet. As a bit of background - I am a mother of two, and recent menstrual cup convert. I purchased the Diva Cup in a size 2, and was SO excited to try it out.

The first few tries went as they do for most, I think. I wasn't sure if it was opening, couldn't exactly figure out where it should be, and felt it was always slightly off to the side when I went to take it out. I experienced a decent amount of leaking, and when I'd take the cup out could see it was down one of the sides, clearly not a proper seal. Finally after many tries I felt like I had a better idea of where my cervix is located (waaaaay far off to one side it seems like!), and it seemed as if I could consistently get it in and fully opened. (Punch down fold, feel around for it to open up fully and then a little kegel to finish putting it in place). And while it seemed it always settled rather high compared to what I would maybe have thought, at least it was seeming like it was where it should be relative to the descriptions I've read. The problem I've been encountering is that I can't seem to get a consistent result! Sometimes I can go for hours with no issue, sometimes only a few minutes, and then most frustratingly of all, sometimes I will go 4-6 hours with no problems, then suddenly have a small leak, and then be fine again! This isn't too annoying as long as I have a pad in for backup, but I'd really love to be able to not have to rely on backup, especially after only a few hours. In all of these situations the cup has never been filled when I've taken it out. I also understand the concept of my cervix taking up some of the space in the cup, and therefore causing some overflow, but how do I keep the cup lower, if no matter where I place it, it wanders up to the same location? And when I take it out it seems like there's not really been any "spillage" anywhere, and often doesn't contain much liquid at all. Also, is it an issue if it is pretty far to the side? Could this be causing me extra leaking? I haven't give up yet and want so badly to be a menstrual cup convert!!! So far I haven't been able to go without leaks for more than about 4 hours consistently (except 2 times when I went for 10-12, so it seems like somehow I should be able to make it work). I've tried different folds, and flipping my cup but to no avail. Please help!!!
Hi, everyone!
I have a wonderful, relatively new boyfriend, and as a result, I'm enjoying a lot of healthy sexual activity, which is a first for me in many years. This is fabulous! The only downside is that my trusted Meluna Large Classic has not been staying open inside me, and this last period was a series of leaks. Everything is fine in the internal health dept, so you know....I've been using my mc for at least a couple years now, and even though I'm not a super athletic person, I'm wondering if my pelvic muscles could use a firmer cup? Thoughts? Thanks so much.
25 August 2014 @ 10:51 pm
In an originally unrelated topic, I've been reading about (how to make) homemade soap.  Getting kind of specific here, I know.  Anyone have thoughts/knowledge on using homemade soap to clean your cup?  Of course it would depend on what ingredients specifically are used to make the soap.  Any tried and true soap recipes that are definitely OK for your cup and wouldn't shorten its lifespan?  Or ingredients (types of oils) to definitely stay away from?

I guess this is geared more toward those knowledgeable about homemade soap, which I hope there are a few of here, lol.  Any thoughts are appreciated!!
24 August 2014 @ 03:34 pm
I'm 18 and a virgin.
I've had a history of excessive menstrual bleeding. About 9 months ago I landed in the hospital with severe anemia and was about 5 minutes away from needing a blood transfusion. Since then I've been on continual birth control (skipping the inert pills so I don't get a period.) This month I spotted through the whole month and last night I took my last pill, and decided that I'm going to try to get a period this month, as it seems like my body thinks it's time.

Yesterday while still on the end of birth control, the cup was less than half full after 12 hours. Today, its half full after only 4 1/2. It leaks after its half full, I think because the diva cup is too long for my cervix. I read that the average period loses about 2 ounces of blood and in 5 hours I've lost 1/4 of that, so I'm a little worried. I can't go by the standard "get help if you soak through a pad or tampon in an hour" and I'm not used to seeing my blood like this so I'm really not sure how much there is supposed to be or how much is too much.

I'm trying not to be hypochondriac about this or a wuss or anything but the last time this happened I was really, really sick for a very long time.
I can't call my gynecologist until tomorrow.
I am trying to make a good decision about which cup to buy because whichever one I get will probably be it for a while. After much research I have decided on the Fleurcup as during my cycle my cervix is at the 50-60mm in, so I think I'm in the shorter vagina group. I am not sure which size to get because I am comfortable with insertion, and I know that the vagina will stretch to accommodate whatever is inserted even if one is a virgin.
I am worried about leaks because it is too small, horseback riding associated leaks, feeling like I have to pee all the time because it is too big, it not opening because it is too big, and (after reading some horror stories) that it will suction itself to my cervix because it is too big or too small!
I am more inclined to go larger for the larger capacity, but as I have no experience with anything like this-- any advice I can get will go a long way to helping me choose if the Large or Small is right for me.
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I could use some advise on getting a new cup. I've used a large Yuuki for the past 4 (5?) years. It was a definitely a HUGE upgrade from the Diva (my first cup) just for the capacity, but I still get leaks on heavy days and can't make it through the heavy nights without leaks. I noticed a few abrasions on the rim, and figured it might be time to replace. I have a heavy flow, especially on my first two days and large capacity is an important factor.

When I leak on my heavy days, I often find that my cup is only half or 2/3 full (below the holes) when I empty. It's frustrating to leak below full capacity! This leads me to believe that a) I have the infamous dangling cervix that reduces the cup's capacity on heavy days OR, b) I have strong pelvic floor muscles that squeeze the bottom of the cup, therefore reducing capacity. Perhaps a combination?

I also briefly tried a large LadyCup. I loved the cup aesthetically, but found that it leaked much more frequently than the large Yuuki, so I only use it as backup or on light days. It seems like a pretty squishy cup to me, so maybe this worked poorly with stronger muscles.

I have a large Fleurcup coming in the mail. (It's inexpensive and easy to ship to my current location and seemed similar in shape and capacity to the Yuuki, which is *mostly* perfect for me.) I've also heard generally positive things about it.

I'm ALSO intrigued by the MeLuna Sport - I think a high capacity, stiffer cup might work better for a heavy flow combined with strong muscles, I think the MeLuna sport might be worth a try.

My questions:
1) How does the MeLuna sport stiffness compare to the older version of the Yuuki? Any other strong-muscled ladies have better luck switching to a stiffer cup?
2) Should I try the MeLuna sport large or extra large? I don't have a problem accommodating the large Yuuki or large Ladycup comfortably, and they both open completely upon insertion. Back in the day, I could accommodate Diva (the small size) comfortably without a stem, if that gives you reference for length.:)
3) Any thoughts on how Fleurcup compares to Yuuki? I was referred to Fleurcup as a good choice for ladies with the dangling cervix overflow problem and wanted to try it for that reason!

Thanks! This group is awesome. :)
23 August 2014 @ 10:35 pm
So tonight I was surprised by my period starting, when it wasn't due for another week or so (A few days before my birthday too! Great timing...). So, I popped in my sckoon cup with minimal problems. Pretty good for the maiden voyage, I think.

Since it is my first time, I do have a bit of an odd question. It almost feels like there's an air bubble up in there, is that even remotely normal? It's not painful, just there. after messing around and trying to insert and remove before leaving it for the night, I realized it happened most every time. Just curious if someone else out there experiences this.
22 August 2014 @ 09:51 am
Has Shecup gone out of business?  Amazon says "out of stock" and I haven't seen one on eBay for a long time.  Their website has expired and is up for grabs as well.  www.shecup.com  Anyone know what's going on?
22 August 2014 @ 03:43 am
Hi! Letting all of you know, that I recently create a review-Giveaway about feminine care storage box named On The Dot, Prefect Spot. If you want to win one, just enter (((HERE))) for more info. It's in Spanish, but you can translated. Good luck!

I have been using menstrual cups for years. I had latex Keeper in my early 20s, but got worried about latex over exposure and took a break. Around 30 I got the MooncupUK in small. It worked well, but then it started to leak (33 yrs). I got the large Mooncup and had no problem until this spring. I'm now 38, no kids and with what I think is a lowish cervix. The large Mooncup didn't leak, but by the third day of my period if I took it out, I couldn't get it back into it's proper place. After insertion it would sit very low and not get "sucked up". I've gone back to tampons, but after a couple of months I've remember why I switch to cup in the first place.

Any suggestions about what cup to try next? Was the cup not getting into place because it was not wide enough? The cups that are wider than the Mooncup UK are significantly longer so I'm hesitant to buy them. I was looking at the Lybera, but you can't get that outside of Italian pharmacies.


21 August 2014 @ 09:13 pm
I have finally gotten a cup! First time using my divacup this period. I used it for the first two days (when I usually get cramping, though) and felt this pressure/discomfort against my bladder/uterus area/belly. (TMI, but it was also weird farting?) I'm pretty sure it wasn't my cramps that I usually get though, didn't feel like them. So I've decided the cup is too firm...

Also, my period has always been heavy (started it 2-3 years ago?) for the first day or two. But this time using the menstrual cup, it was soo pretty normal actually, I was like omg. I stopped using the cup after 2-3 days because of the discomfort, and ended up with no pain at all (!! for me thats like wow) and a much normal period using disposables (it may have been lighter as a cause of the cup? Idk it's never been this light ever). I was wondering, could the cup have had an effect on me? Damage, maybe? I noticed when I was inserting it, it was like KAPOW suction (no pain, just WOAH I guess it's suctioned) and I took it out by tugging some on the stem to pinch the base, but all was well I think. It did sort of seem like I was really tugging on my insides!

It may have just been my awareness of the cup, though I couldn't feel it, but I might've just had to get used to it being there? I'm not sure, really.

But anyways, I'm looking for a softer cup! My first question though, is if I get a meluna soft, and I don't know how strong/not strong my pelvic muscles are, if it does crunch up/collapse inside me, will it leak? (I've always ridden horses, and sometimes!!! I run and do exercises. But I'm like 5'6 and 105 pounds or so Idk if it makes a diff.) Because I don't see a problem with it crunching up as long as it doesn't leak. Also, will the rim have an effect on discomfort, depending on big/small firm/soft?

But is there any cup that is softer than a divacup, but not softer than a soft meluna (and, though not a huge factor, around the same build/size of the divacup)? I still don't know how high my cervix is, but while wearing the divacup I could just feel the stem, and push it out if I needed to (which I liked, noting that it was still there). Any variable in between that is what I'm looking for. Softer than divacup (if only by a little, at least) but not softer than meluna (lol is there even anything softer than that?).

AND FINALLY, sorry so much! I'm still sort of scared to sleep with a cup in. I usually sleep on my stomach or side. I'm not worried about leaking, but what about the menstrual flow? Will it "go back inside me" or cause any damage or trouble (because I'm laying down)? What if it like sits there, either on it's side or piled up?

Any insight at all on anything in this would be very much appreciated!!

P.S. I do not do not do not want a sckoon cup! I know about them, and that they're pretty soft, but I have my reasons for not wanting one.
21 August 2014 @ 08:44 am
I just bought a Diva cup (size 2). Day 1 of my period was great. Yesterday was day 2 and it was a complete nightmare. The cup kept sliding out & leaking. I tried pushing it in, as well as taking it out, washing it and reinserting it no less than 10 times during the day. At one point, when I went to go to the bathroom, it actually fell out! It even leaked last night. I have very, very heavy flow on days 2 & 3 of my period. For example, this morning I was woken up by the leaking at 5:55, washed everything and when I re-woke up at 6:30, the cup had 1/4 oz of blood in it. It wasn't feeling one bit comfortable this morning at 7:30, so I re-did it again, and it had another 1/4 oz. When I put it in at 6:30 this morning, the uncomfortableness was due to the stem pinching my labia, and also the bottom part of the cup outside of my vagina. My cervix is low during my period, I think - I can feel it when my finger is only half way in my vagina. Right now, it seems a little uncomfortable, but it's hard to tell if it's from the cup or just because of all the fiddling around all day yesterday.
I do not know if I need another brand of cup. I was looking through all the pages on this community to figure it out, but think that personal advice would be better. If it matters, I've had 3 children and am in my 40s.
Another problem I'm having is that I was hoping to have my 12 yr old daughter try one. She does ballet 6 days a week & just got her period last month. I had been doing a little research about dancers & their periods and had found the Diva Cup. I didn't even realize that there were other brands :-( If I'm having all these issues with Diva, I do not know if the Diva cup size 1 would work for her, but really have no clue. Any advice on that?
19 August 2014 @ 09:04 pm
So tonight marks the end of my second full day wearing my diva cup (I've worn it for a few hours at a time, but never this long.) Removal has been hard but this evening I was able to remove the cup in about one minute and didn't need to squat! And inserting is now no big deal as long as I use a tiny bit of lube, I found inserting it with the curve down (with 7 fold) is much easier.

My issue is that sometimes I can feel the cup, like a pressure or fullness near the opening of my vagina, especially when I'm running. I can't push the cup up any farther. I've removed most of the stem, there's just a little knub left, but every once in a while if I move the right way I can feel it stabbing. it feels like its cocked off to the left side a little bit too, but the cup isn't leaking so I think it's in fine.

I don't think I have a low cervix, when I felt for it I could reach it but not super easily. I'm not fully on my period at the moment, however. I'm on birth control and have been taking it continually (ie skipping the sugar pills so I don't get my period) for over 6 months now under my gynecologist. I think my body really wants to have a period though, and I've been heavily spotting all month so I'm using the cup to take care of that, so this isn't a total dry run or anything. After about 12 hours it was less than 1/4 full. Once my period is set to fully start on Sunday I'll check my cervix again, but I don't think that is the reason I can feel my cup.

I'm an 18 year old virgin, by the way. With very little experience putting things up there, as I've only used tampons with sporadic success.

Does anyone have any ideas?
19 August 2014 @ 10:25 pm
Hello ladies.

I would really appreciate some council on an issue I'm having I'm a 26 year old virgin (not sure it matters but everyone else is saying it, so why not). I have used my keeper mooncup a few times with mixed results. Still going through the learning curve. I've been able to mostly resolve my insertion/removal issues with perusing these and other forums. But there are a couple of issues I'd like some personalized advice for.

I can't really tell how high/low my cervix is. There have been a couple of times that removal was very easy and painless, once I figured out how to break the seal. I can't pinch the base (suction doesn't break for some reason) and I can't really fit more than one finger in comfortably, so I typically have to go in kinda deep and push the rim in to break the suction. One time, though, it was so high up that I had my finger in to the knuckle and I could just play at the stem. I had to learn some things about birth to push it down low enough to get it out. It was an all day process as it would get too frustrating for me to continue. I'm really frightened of that happening again. I have a really heavy three day flow. So if I don't empty it every 4-5 hours, it overflows. But it hasn't always been that high up, so I'm not sure what that means or how I should approach the cup most effectively.

My biggest problem though is releasing. The problem is twofold I have trouble getting it to open. I have to finagle it a lot to get it to open. My shortest time doing this has been 5 minutes, but it's taken up to 30. Pushing on it, turning, pulling down, pushing up, wiggling, angling, jiggling, singing Patsy Cline songs. Then, once it does finally open up, oh my god does it hurt. It pulls on my cervix like I stuck a vacuum cleaner against it. It also feels like I have really bad gas and pressure. Usually it subsides after 20 minutes or so, and I kinda took it as a part of mooncuping. But today it was too much and it wouldn't go away, so I took it out. It occurred to me that I may be doing something wrong, or not understanding my anatomy enough to do it right? Anyways, I would love it if I could get some advice. Thank you so much in advance!
18 August 2014 @ 08:57 pm
Awright, first go with my Divacup! (I did try last month, but only for a few hours, so it didn't really count) :)

I think I have a low-ish cervix - just about to the second joint on my middle finger. I got the cup in, pulled it out after about 2 hours and had a nice little puddle in the bottom, nothing on the outside, so I'm pretty sure I got it in the right place.

The stem was really pokey - stuck out my opening and poked my peehole. Ow. I trimmed the stem almost all the way off and put it back in.

I can still kind of feel it, and I can see it poking its little head out when i look at it with a mirror.

What do all you experienced users think? Should I trim the rest? Do I need to push it in further? (It doesn't seem to go, but maybe I'm not pushing hard enough?) Should I try a shorter cup? This is a Diva size 1.

thank you thank yoU!
Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a while and wanted to say thanks for all the helpful information. I had my DivaCup (the smaller size) for about 2 years and couldn't figure it out before I found this community. When I finally was able to start using it last month, I fell in love.

However: I got scared today. I kept my DivaCup in for the week following my period because I was having that white, mucous-y discharge. Today I noticed some minor discomfort in my belly and the area where my cup was seemed to feel tight. I thought it might be cup-related. I removed the cup, and my fingers came out bloodstained and there was blood when I wiped. My period ended a week ago and I haven't ever spotted this far afterward. I did notice the cup was kind of high. Is this normal? I'm scared that something could be wrong. My mom recently passed away from colon cancer that spread to her ovaries and she had a lot of female problems before the diagnosis, so my mind immediately jumps there. I have a doctor appointment (not related, just for a checkup) next week but I'm wondering if it's something I need to get checked out sooner, or if it's not really a concern at all.

In case it helps, I'm 27, not a virgin, never had kids. Thanks.
I think I have now made ​​some very perfect suction holes. - See http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/3315785.html?thread=36388937#t36388937

After the first attempt, where I was completely unprepared (did a dry run and then couldn't get the cup out again and had to go to my doctor...), I now have respect for it, and I have read everything I could find in order to become a "cup-expert".

I planned to try my JuJu cup again, but this time during my period, and when the day came, I tried a few times to place it relatively low in the vagina and then take it out again. It went fine. I could push the cup out until I could squeeze the base of the cup to break the suction seal, and I could really feel a difference with the new holes in the cup.

However letting it ride all the way up was another thing. - I spent a whole hour staring at the cup with utmost respect, and unfortunately I ended up not having the guts to let it ride up. I think it's extra embarrassing to ask my doctor to remove it during menstruation.

I really want to try again one day where I don't have my period. I've read several post advising against dry-runs, but on the other hand, if the cup can only be removed during heavy menstruation, what should I then do at the beginning or end of my period where I don't bleed much?

My questions are:
1) Are there any experienced cup users out there who also have a high cervix and do dry runs? What is your experience?
2) Will I be able to push the cup some of the way out, when it is placed high in the vagina? Or will I have to tug on the stem until I can reach the base of the cup - with the risk of increasing the suction seal?
3) JuJu is a very comfortable cup, but it is very slippery. Do you think it is too advanced for a beginner like me with a high cervix?
Thanks in advance ;-)

I am not a virgin, but I haven't had children.

Hi everyone.

I have found that my cup takes on sea water when I dive and surf. It won't be full but I will get leakage of watered down blood, and when I empty my cup it is half full of blood and seawater mixed together. It never leaks when I am not in the water.
It may be relevant that I have a low cervix and short vaginal canal - my small ladycups have their stems cut off and they couldn't fit inside if they were any longer. My cervix sits in the cup. My cups have never created a "suction" seal, although they do seal. And, maybe relevant, I also always had the bottoms of tampons take on water when swimming/diving.

I'd like to hear from those of you who have had the same thing happen (cup leaking and taking on water when swimming). And to know:
(1) if you have a low cervix / short vaginal canal,
(2) if your cup creates a suction type seal,
(3) if you have had any luck switching to a firmer or softer cup. (i'm thinking of next trying a soft small sckoon)
(4) anything else you think is relevant
These are 3 things that i thought might be contributing to this happening.

17 August 2014 @ 03:54 pm
This is my third cycle with diva cups. I seem to not be leaking but have residule blood from changing my cup. I don't know how to stop this. Should I cut my stem so the cup sits lower. Do I have to "wipe" inside after reinsertion of the cup to stop the residule blood. Help.
17 August 2014 @ 09:02 am
So I've had my menstrual cup in twice in a row after removal, and each time I've noticed discomfort. I'm pretty sure it's not just the cramping I'd normally get. It almost feels like I have to pee. It's a little painful, but mostly just uncomfortable, like when you haven't peed for a while but have to.

I didn't know I had a sensitive bladder, Idek if I do now, but I was originally worried that my muscles would crunch the cup. I am using a Divacup. Idk if I should go too much softer or not... And is TPE a reliable material? I mean, sanitarily, safe for your body...

I wonder if I keep having this discomfort, will it effect my bladder? But I still can't exactly tell if it's just cramps or the cup pushing on my bladder...