25 July 2014 @ 03:01 pm
So I posted the post "technical difficulties" my last period. This is my second period using my diva cup and I'm having some troubles again.
Some background, INSERTING THE CUP IS FINe! I never have troubles inserting. When I insert it fully, I run my finger around the outside of the cup in a circle twice to make sure it is fully opened. Last month I had spillage issues, so it was mentioned that I may have a short cervix. Therefore; I tried to turn it inside out to shorten the cup slightly. Although it has never been uncomfortable and it seems like it sits pretty far up there.

Anyways, so I am an acrobat. I spent various hours doing handstands as it is my major. So this period, I went to train with the cup in properly and I did a few handstands and it was all going swell. Then I went to hold my longest handstand and as soon as I came down it literally felt like all of the contents went and emptied into my pants. I RAN like HELL. To the bathroom and sure enough that is exactly what happened. I got all the cleaned up, reinserted and went back out. I didn't freak out because It seemed like it was pretty full. So I went home emptied before bed and through the night I was awoken again by the same thing! And it happened again after that. I reinserted before my training which is only 3 hours and halfway through, at the same point it happened AGAIN!

Maybe it is filling up too much, but is that what happens? It's full and then "oops, let me just empty the ENTIRE CUPS CONTENTS INTO YOUR PANTS." Then again, my period is really not THAT heavy. When I used tampons I would only use a super on day two so that it would last longer. I know for sure I have the seal right, when I go to take it out I always have to press in to release the seal and I always hear like a gasp of air proving to me, indeed that there was a seal.

Anyways, I'm freaking out. I don't know what is happening, I really don't want to go back to tampons. I am hoping that my cervix is too short and I need a different brand,

Feedback would be EXTREMELY appreciated!
25 July 2014 @ 09:29 am
Hi there I'm new to all this menstrual cup malarkey but after considering one for about ten years I finally took the plunge by buying a less expensive 'Aneer' one from ebay to see how I got on.
I'm 38, but haven't had children so I chose the larger cup as recommended.
The only thing is, though I don't really have problems inserting it, I think it isn't opening up properly when it's inside (I'm assuming this is the case as when I've pulled it out there is more blood on the outside of the cup than the inside, and I leak) I've tried the different folds suggested, after reading that the c-fold and the punch-fold don't open up as easily once inside (although they pop open easily enough while I'm trying to insert, grrr).
I've also tried 'rotating' the cup but it is so tightly wedged in that the only direction I can physically move it is down. I've tried wiggling it up and down and all kinds!
I was wondering if perhaps I'm too narrow and maybe that is the issue? I mean, probably tmi but, I haven't had sex for ten years and even before then I wasn't massively sexually active. I understand my bits are supposed to loosen up as I get older, but I wondered if the fact that nothing other than tampons (lubricated or I have troubles getting them in) going up there means I'm not quite as stretchy as I could be? Could it be that even at 38 I need the smaller size?
Do other people find their cups easy to rotate once inside?

That said, I've only been trying (a lot) since yesterday and maybe I'm jumping the gun a little?

Also, how do people in this group know how long their cervix is? How on earth do I measure that?
Hi, everyone! I got the small Diva two years ago. No problems popping open or leaking unless full, but it worsens my already hellish cramps, and gives me cramps immediately after I put them in on my heavy first few days.

I've heard firm cups cause cramps, so I'm looking for 1. a softer cup with 2. a higher capacity and 3. a blue color because it's really pretty
。◕ ‿ ◕。

Can I please have help deciding between the Sckoon, Meluna, Lunette, and Fleurcup?
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24 July 2014 @ 08:55 pm
So I'm deciding what to get for my first cup!

I'm in my early twenties, sexually active, and have a relatively heavy but short period. I use 3-4 Always overnight/regular pads a day on heavier days and always need wings. Generally they last four days, and an additional 2-3 days of spotting. I recently tried Instead Softcup as it's in local grocery stores, to test if I'm comfortable putting in/taking out/mess etc. and I loved it! It's dramatically less mess and damp than pads, didn't need to wipe nearly so much when changing. It leaked a little, so I still wore a pad jic, but dramatically better.

So I'm looking at getting my first real cup, as I'd like to not need to buy new ones every period. I measured my cervix distance a few times during my period and could just reach it with my longest finger, 8 cm. So I'm thinking I'm probably fine with longer cups. I'm considering the Meluna L, Yuuki, Ladycup L, and Femmecup

I'm leaning towards the Yuuki and Meluna if only because they're less expensive, and I'm cheap. I'm also not sure how I feel about stems, as I'm open to the idea of PIV intercourse during my period, so something that would be smooth would be nice. I like that they have rounded bottoms for the same reason. But I'm also uncertain what would be easy to take out, so which ones would be ok to cut the stem off? I'm thinking the meluna ball or ring, but I don't know if you can cut them or not. I'm comfortable with reaching up in there to get it out, so if I can go without a stem and get it out reliably I'm thinking I will.

Also I have no idea firmness wise. Maybe I should aim for average firmness and see how it goes from there?

All advice super welcome, thanks!
24 July 2014 @ 12:13 am
Well, I'm not sure if this is a totally new cup, but I have never run across it so I thought I would link it here in case anyone is interested or has info:


There's also a cup called the "MelodySusie" that looks like a direct Lunette ripoff (by the shape anyway): http://www.amazon.com/Melodysusie-Quality-Crystal-Menstrual-Childbirth/dp/B00EPE4NFK/ref=sr_1_107?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1406175762&sr=1-107&keywords=menstrual+cup
23 July 2014 @ 11:38 pm
I have a friend who has convinced me to get a menstrual cup. I've been searching for what cup I wanted, and in my adventures I found a cup that doesn't seem to have much information on it. I'm curious because I'm looking for a cup I can get off Amazon (or at least shipped in the US in a reasonable time frame) and this was one that I found but the name was completely unfamiliar to me. Does anyone have experience with the Monzcare R-Cup?

Here's a link to the Amazon listing, I can't seem to find a manufacturer website or anything: http://smile.amazon.com/Monzcare-R-CUP-Reusable-Menstrual-Green/dp/B00JY71XOW/
22 July 2014 @ 04:10 pm

I have been using a Mooncup UK for a number of years now I find that it puts a little pressure on my bladder and I thought maybe there would be a better cup for me out there which would not present this issue for me... I have used mostly size B and more recently thought maybe I should switch to a size A (larger) as I am 39 (no children) but I find it less comfortable / more pressure on bladder and a little awkward to remove.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance
20 July 2014 @ 11:38 pm
I've looked at the size charts a million times but I'm still confused. My cervix on my period ranges from 1.5-2 inches depending on the day. So just about 4cm to 5cm what length cup should I be looking for?
19 July 2014 @ 10:45 pm
I'm new to this community and to menstrual cups so here goes...

Background info on me: 28 years old, no children, sexually active, medium to high cervix, very clotty period

I just bought a divacup and have had quite the time with the learning curve. Insertion is easy, I've had no trouble getting it in and positioned correctly.

My problem is removal :( The seal on this cup is a little over the top!! The first two times I tried to remove it were terrifying and ended with me swearing to never try again. But...I just spent money on this cup and I LOVE the idea of menstrual cups so I used a hole punch to make the anti-suction holes bigger. The next two times I removed it, were better but still kind of painful and still leaving me with questions/concerns...

1) When I remove the cup, there's always a little bit of bright red blood on the tissue. Am I hurting myself?? My thoughts were that I had ripped my perineum a bit or that my cervix was somehow injured??
2) I seem to have a dangly cervix...when I'm removing the cup, it really feels like my cervix is INSIDE the cup. So...with that in mind, is it bad/harmful for me to tug on the cup without breaking the seal until I can reach the rim of the cup to release that suction? I don't want to cause myself any injuries trying to use this thing!! My cervix (or my insides, can't be sure it's my cervix) do feel tender/aggravated/swollen now after using the cup for two days.

I guess those are my questions. I know they've been asked before but I'm just worried I'm doing myself harm! I've been reading up on other cups and am wondering if something softer might suit me better. Going by the size charts, a medium to long length cup should fit me well. I was considering the Si-Bell because everyone seems to say the suction is very low on this cup which would help me a lot with removal. Has anyone used both the divacup and the Si-Bell? How do they compare?

Any help is greatly appreciated!! I've already learned so much from this forum!
20 July 2014 @ 12:25 am
Hi all -
I am looking to compile information on knockoff cups and apparently there is not a lot of information out there that I can find?

If you have had an experience, good or bad, any pictures, have heard stories, etc, in regards to a knockoff cup (one not made by a legitimate company), I would much appreciate it if you could share it, your stories, etc, here. Thanks!
10 July 2014 @ 07:08 pm
Hi guys,

I have a DivaCup that's about two to three years old, and it got some serious stains going so I soaked it in 3% hydrogen peroxide overnight. It removed the stains like a charm--the thing looked like new. I wore it once as a dry run (to the gym), washed it with unscented soap as I usually do, and put it away. Today, I started my period. I popped the cup in, and all was fine until I removed the cup to empty it out. The most horrific cheesy stench met my nose. I was so shocked I actually thought my dog farted. My dog was so shocked she came in from the other room. Yeah, it was like a good French cheese.

Anyway, I washed the cup with soap, then boiled it for about 20 minutes. It still smells. I think the thing that DivaCup's webpage warns against has happened: the peroxide deteriorated the silicone. Soaping the cup after my dry gym run didn't get all the vaginal ladygerms out. The cup is basically ruined now, too--I don't think I want to risk putting it back in. I don't want to get BV or a yeast infection in the middle of my period. The plan is to use pads for the rest of it, and it's a lucky thing I have another cup on the way (ordered two Yuukis; too bad they are taking forever to get here). Ugh, I hate pads.

So I am not really asking for help--this might be more in the vein of a cautionary tale. But I'm curious--do those of you who have experienced the stinky cup phenomenon use peroxide or any other non-recommended methods on your cup?
Hi everyone! As with the last post, this is one post that will be used to make a general advice FAQ for new users (or for people that are just looking for quick information.)

The question: how do I get this cup out?
Hi everyone! This is one of a series of general advice and information posts that will be used to build a FAQ for new users. I don't have the expertise to give all the advice, so anyone that wants to pitch in, please do.

What techniques and advice do you have for a new user that can't get a cup in?
17 July 2014 @ 12:38 am
The cervix is the organ between the uterus and the vagina, and it serves as gate for expelling menstrual fluid (and for letting the baby out during childbirth). This word comes from the Latin word that means neck, and in many languages it's called the neck or mouth of the uterus. You can find out more in Wikipedia, and if you prefer to get this information in a language other than English, you can most likely find the equivalent term there as well.

There are many guides to finding your cervix, both here and on fertility-related sites, so this will be covered very briefly. The most common description is that it feels like the tip of your nose; a very low/dangly cervix can also be similar to a small penis. There's a small hole in the cervix, and this is where the blood comes out.

Note: the hymen is not in the middle of the vagina. It does have a hole, but it is normally large enough for inserting a finger, folded cup or tampon; the cervical opening is MUCH smaller. So if inside your vagina you can feel something with a hole, that's the cervix.

See also: Beautiful Cervix Project (graphic photos), Melissa's video, very NSFW photos of the hymen and the vaginal opening.

How low is low?

Determining the cervix height is not an exact science. If you suspect something might be abnormal, find out more about prolapse, but note that the range of normal is huge. This also means that if you ask a doctor about your cervix position, you need to specify that you are trying to compare your anatomy to other people's.

In the context of cup use, mild prolapse is not different from having a naturally low cervix. The former can be caused by pregnancy/childbirth or age (but the manufacturers overrate the importance of these factors), the latter is just anatomical variation that can be permanent or only occur on some days of the cycle, especially the heaviest days of your period. Your height or weight have nothing to do with the menstrual cup dimensions you require.

I propose the following definitions for the cervix position. They are left deliberately vague, with no numbers given. In the classic cases, all parts of the description apply, but of course this can vary if your fingers are unusually short or long.

high: The cervix is unreachable or can only be reached in certain positions. Likely to need bearing down for removal. Long cups fit best, although a long stem can be enough.

low: The cervix is easily reachable, less than a cup's length away. Has to let the cup unfold as soon as it's halfway in. Likely to need to trim or cut off the stem.

extremely low: The cervix is very easy to reach. Has to let the cup unfold as soon as the rim is in, which limits the folding options. The stem generally sticks out, so does the bottom of most cups.

average: None of the previous descriptions applies fully. Can use most cups, apart from the really long and really short ones. Most special needs or preferences have little or nothing to do with the length.

Notes: Insteads are completely different from the bell-shaped cups, but if you can use them successfully, your cervix is probably high or average. The opposite is not necessarily true - if you have difficulties with Insteads, this doesn't automatically mean your cervix is low.

For the purpose of this scale, contraceptive diaphragms are similar to Insteads and cervical caps are similar to the smallest cups on the market. However, please don't rely too much on your experience with contraceptive devices. And definitely don't take it as a suggestion to use them for collecting menstrual flow.

More about the dangly cervix

The cervix is not (necessarily) the end of the vagina, and finding your cervix is not the same as figuring out how deep you can reach. The distinction is not always important or obvious, but when the cervix dangles into the vagina, it can seem lower than it really is, and if you use a menstrual cup it can reduce its capacity, physically causing it to overflow sooner than expected.

The tell-tale sign of a dangly cervix is having a cup that works normally for a few hours, but then "leaks" (actually overflows) when it's about half-full. Depending on the individual circumstances the actual capacity available can be as low as 25% or as high as 80%. Cups with a rounded bottom are generally recommended for maximizing the capacity you can have.

Two cases merit a special mention. An extremely low cervix is typically also dangly. It's a combination of this factor and a short vagina. When the length of the vagina is about average, it can be hard and unnecessary to figure out whether your cervix is average and dangly or just low. However, a high dangly cervix (and/or dangly cervix, long vagina) can be the cause of unexplained leaks, since it's harder to figure out whether your cervix is dangly if you can't feel it.

Since this is supposed to represent the common knowledge, let's have a poll! I hope it's clear enough that this only concerns finding the right length and not other factors like capacity, stiffness etc.

Poll #1975442 Evaluate the definitions!
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 25

Do you agree with the proposed definitions?

View Answers
Yes, my anatomy/cup choice is described accurately
20 (80.0%)
Maybe, I'm still trying to figure out which dimensions I need but this seems helpful
4 (16.0%)
Maybe not, I'm still trying to figure out and these definitions don't help
0 (0.0%)
No, my anatomy is described inaccurately (please specify in the comments)
0 (0.0%)
I don't know how high/low my cervix is and I'm a happy cup user (or I have issues that aren't relevant here)
1 (4.0%)
I don't know how high/low my cervix is and I'm not looking for a cup
0 (0.0%)

Cervix demography! According to the definitions, your cervix is:

View Answers
10 (31.2%)
9 (28.1%)
4 (12.5%)
extremely low
1 (3.1%)
7 (21.9%)
I haven't tried to locate it
1 (3.1%)

If you misclicked or misread something, you can change your answer here.
16 July 2014 @ 12:26 am
Hi, first of all, thanks so much to all for some very helpful posts! I am considering getting a cup, but have a few questions.

I am 33, but am still a virgin, let alone no childbirth. I seem to be quite long, and tight, and have a hard time getting a tampon in far enough to be comfortable. I'm thinking of getting a Diva size one, even though I'm over thirty. Any advice? I'm not completely ruling out ordering something, but I don't have a credit card, so it's difficult and I would prefer to stick to something I can pick up in the US.(Also a little concerned about getting something I'll be able to use the next ten years, or so)

I also wondered about this yeast infection thing. I usually get one around my period, but it's pretty mild since I've been on the Pill. Should I be concerned about using a cup?
Thanks for any help!
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15 July 2014 @ 12:30 pm
Hey I just joined this forum 'cause I need help! I just got a Rubycup and I have never used a menstrual cup before. I finally got the cup in on the last day of my period, but now I can't get it out. It's been in there for almost three days. When I got it in I couldn't get a good grip on it to twist and make sure it sealed so I just let it go and went to bed. Could this have allowed it to sneak up too far? It has since opened and made a seal and now I can't get it out.

I've read like every forum and tried everything. I've relaxed, pushed like I'm giving birth and nothing is helping. I can stick my finger up to the base and about half way to the top but I can't reach the top to break the seal. I can't fit two fingers in to grab the bottom. I'm a 21 year old virgin and I think my hymen might be too narrow for me to reach up far enough. I honestly don't know much about anatomy down there, but I'm completely comfortable doing whatever it takes. I don't really want to go to a doctor, But any advice is greatly appreciated.
14 July 2014 @ 03:04 pm
I recently got a MoonCup to replace my DivaCup, which was slightly too large. The MoonCup is far more comfortable, but it's really difficult to remove. The suction is very strong, and the rim of the cup is very firm. These things combined make it pop back open as I try and remove it. Not exactly comfortable, and rather messy!

Is there any way to fix this, perhaps make the suction weaker?
13 July 2014 @ 01:42 pm
Hey all,

So here's the story: my roommate told me about menstrual cups and how great they are and so I decided to give them a try. She recommended the DivaCup (the one made in Canada) because it works great for her (it was her first and only cup).

I bought the DivaCup Canada, and the Yuuki, as I am smaller than my roommate and anticipated that a smaller cup would work better for me.

Well, the DivaCup is definitely too big (especially during the peak of my period, I can feel it pretty much all of the time). I guess the Yuuki is probably a better size for me (although there are those panicky moments where I worry that I'm never going to find it in there).

But...both cups leak.

I kind of expect it of the Yuuki, because its anti-suction holes are drilled down and out of the cup, and so when you run water (or menstrual blood, of course) down the inside wall of the cup, there is already leaking. Can anyone confirm that happening to you, too? Or am I totally spitballing on that one?

I don't really get why the DivaCup leaks. For both cups, I make sure that it's open and that my cervix is inside the cup, not accidentally on the outside. But it's been two months now and I am ready to stop using pantiliners, as that is pretty much the main point of using the cup for me.

My impression is that I'm just using the wrong cup. I'm 5'1", medium for my size flow, and my cervix sits relatively low when I'm on my period. The DivaCup sits about a centimeter outside of my body at its lowest. Does anyone have any recommendations for other cups?

Otherwise...does anyone have any ideas for me on how to get the leaking to stop?

I am so glad I found this forum! I've just been through the same thing as kumaradosha (http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/3312416.html) was writing about. Yesterday I put my new Juju up for the first time ....

It will take a few days before my period starts, I was just testing it, and when I after 12 hours would remove it, it sat locked up against my cervix, and was not going to budge. I panicked because soon it was the weekend, and because it had already been sitting for 12 hours. Luckily I managed to get an appointment with the doctor.

After reading all the tips in her post, I have the courage to give it another go when I have made ​​anti-suction holes. There are only 4 very small holes in my JuJu, and I'll try to make them larger. In this context, my wise husband says, the holes must be completely round, otherwise they will tear after a while. Dermal punch therefore sounds like a good idea. I have found one, which is available in 2 mm. Is there anyone who knows how a dermal punch works? Must I buy one for each hole? And will the holes be relatively round and smooth?
11 July 2014 @ 09:41 am
I asked about this a while back so I apologize but I can't seem to find info to help me solve this problem. I have 2 cups, a diva cup and a fleur cup and neither stays in. No matter what I do, the cup always slides down so that it is hanging out of me (i.e. I can feel it when I wipe after I pee). I have to reach in and push it up or re-insert it several times or just deal with the slightly uncomfortable feeling of it hanging out. The cup is indeed open all the way and I can spin it so that means it is sealed, I believe. I chopped the stems off both and have worn the diva inside out which helps some with discomfort. They also feel fine when sitting and sleeping and I have no leaking issues. Is this just how it is for some women? Is my pelvic floor destroyed from having two kids? Is my cervix too low for a cup? It isn't terribly uncomfortable, I guess. I am just used to the feeling now, but I would prefer to not feel anything as with tampons. I'd like to hear if other women have had this issue with cups. I guess I thought when I started using cups it would be this amazing experience I kept reading about (can't feel anything, only changing the cup a couple times a day) but it isn't like that at all for me. I will probably keep using them because I had so many leaking issues with tampons, but I would just like to not feel so lousy about them or that I am only comfortable when sitting or sleeping.
10 July 2014 @ 11:55 am
I've been thinking: How can we better help newcomers to this list and to cup usage in general?

It seems that the same questions come up time after time, and many of us repeat the same advice in the same words in post after post after post.  Many of us tell newcomers to read the replies under the (insertion, cleaning, leakage, whatever) tags but as the thread progresses, it becomes clear that they haven't.  Similarly with posts at the FAQ.  Even when told to read specific posts, it soon becomes apparent that many haven't.

Similarly, how can we undo the "damage" that the instructions that come with cups do?  The illustrations showing a cup-length or more between the rim and the cervix are WAAAAY out of proportion.  No wonder so many newbies struggle while trying to follow "impossible" directions!

What we're doing here is good but it must not be that effective because we are repeating ourselves over and over.  How can we make it easier for newbies?  How can we head off most of these issues before they happen?  How can we get our good advice and information out there?
For reference, I'm the person who tried a dry run and couldn't get the cup out for two days (thread here.)

Trying to remove the cup put huge suction on my cervix, to the point of pain/discomfort when pulling. When I finally got the cup out, there was some blood, but I figured it was just a one-time tissue trauma thing. However, since then, I've noticed blood on the tissue paper a few times when I wiped after using the toilet. My period isn't supposed to arrive yet, and I don't normally spot in between. Should I be concerned about this?
My info: I'm 29 have had kids. I would say medium to higher cervix as in hard time reaching with fingers when I try.

I've tried diva size 2, sckoon size 2 and Mooncup size A basically the sizes for women who have had kids.

Every time I use a cup it leaks. I know the rim is all the way open as I can feel it and also hear it Pop. The moon cup says to place low in the vagina same with diva as in not up around cervix though honestly I've tried low and high and kegels to place it with No luck. I'm desperate to ditch tampons and love the idea of the cup I just wish it worked.

So I want to try one more cup but Not sure which was thinking wider might Be better so maybe the ladycup large, my reasons being The mooncup A moves to much inside me like I can easily pull it out with little effort and it's 4.4 cms wide I think, the diva doesn't move so much but I've never had any luck getting that to work. I have no issues with the firmness or length or stem of any of the 3 cups I've tried basically my
Only issue is the leaking. Also what positioning is better? Around cervix, by cervix or low by vaginal opening? If my cervix tilts left or right could that cause the leaking? Sometimes the cup barely had anything in it but tons on my pad.

I'm desperate! Please anyone guide me! I just want a cup that doesn't leak. Oh and they all leak no matter my flow wether it's light medium or heavy every single time.
08 July 2014 @ 01:52 pm
I am on vacation in Florida right now, and supposed to take scuba diving lessons starting on Wednesday.  I just started pre-period spotting, so I know I am going to have the awful fortune of being on my period while on vacation.

I am worried about the air pressure in my menstrual cup while I scuba dive.  Has anyone else ever scuba dived while wearing a menstrual cup? I have a feeling the scuba instructor won't have any idea what a cup is. let alone how the air pressure might affect it.

Thanks :D 
07 July 2014 @ 02:24 am
Hi again! Thank you for all the encouragement and support. Have you guys considered creating a numeric system for the stiffness of cups? Like, ranging from 1-10? It could be something even menstrual cup manufacturers may start using on a whole, so as to let their customers know the firmness of their cups, in relation to other cups. It also makes it easier for some1 who may not have a perfect cup (but it's almost perfect) in terms of stiffness, to decide on their Goldilocks cup.