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21 February 2015 @ 07:36 pm
Hey, menstrual cuppers! It's a new year (sorta) and we've got new members! It's really nice to see the community acting as a fresh resource for new and existing cup users.

If I could just ask everyone to take a look at the rules, that would be excellent. That includes new and old members. I've been observing some slippage on related topics and gender-neutral language on the part of both new and old members. The main thing is to keep this a civil and welcoming place for all cup users, so thanks for helping with that!
20 October 2016 @ 06:50 pm

I have been trying to use menstrual cups for the past 4 cycles. I have 3 different cups because of all this trial and error. I am 38, have had a baby, and have a fairly heavy flow on days 2-4.
My 1st cup was a small Blossom (soft) and have since acquired the Luna small and large, which are a bit harder silicone.
So, this seems to be the case for me every cycle.. day 1 I get a good seal and no leaks but as soon as my flow gets going, I cannot seem to get that again. I am certain that my cup is opening all the way so I have tried finding my cervix, which drops significantly and sometimes moves to the side, and then place my cup low in my vagina and tilted toward my cervix.
Every time I get excited thinking that this time I got it. Alas, no. I have been bleeding all over the place and find myself having to reposition the cup 10-15 times a day on my heavy days.
I wanted to use a cup for environmental reasons, but with the amount of pads I'm soaking, laundry I'm having to do, and rolls of TP, it's definitely the opposite.
I really want this to work but don't know what I'm doing wrong! Please help!!!
20 October 2016 @ 12:37 am
Please help me, I'm so lost.
I've just purchased a menstrual cup and want to use it for my next cycle coming up- as I'm already on one and have had trouble inserting.
The first time I tried inserting it was difficult: Took me about 10 tries.
I didn't last 15 minutes before I took it out (and had a little trouble doing so-kinda made me panic) It was uncomfortable and pressing on some kind of nerve? It almost felt like a cramp itself. I couldn't sit down without being in pain.
Am I trying the wrong size? Then again I'm almost 17 and a virgin, anything bigger than a tampon feels a little big to be honest.
Current Location: Australia
18 October 2016 @ 08:45 pm
I have a couple of questions about the Diva Cup. I bought one today and I've been following the instructions but I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not but is it supposed to sit so low? The bottom of it is just inside my vaginal opening and it won't go in any further. I cut off the tip to see if that helps because it was irritating me. I also feel like it's going to come out when I urinate or have a bowel movement. It definitely moves lower when using the toliet. I cannot feel my cervix when I try to find it but I'm not exactly a skinny woman, therefore I cannot reach that far into my vagina in the first place. Any suggestions? Or am I doing this correctly?
17 October 2016 @ 04:36 pm
Hi all! I've gone through all the size charts but the number of cups now is overwhelming!

I have a Diva size 1 and size 2. I'm in the age bracket for the larger size and have given birth twice, but I find larger cups push on my bladder and are uncomfortable. I suspect I squash them too as they tend to leak where small one's don't (except on my first day). I don't like them too soft as I'm not great at getting them to open. High cervix but I don't have too many problems getting my small diva if I bear down a little. I'm not sure I'd want it too much shorter though.

My diva's are close to my goldilocks cups. Size 2 on day 1 and size 1 the rest of my period (after day 1 they're pretty light and by day 2 I can usually go the full 12 hours if I really had to with room to spare). My large diva causes bladder irritation but I put up with it. My smaller one does too but after an hour or so it seems to go away.

I'm interested in maybe finding my absolute favourite though.

In the past I've tried Large Soft Yuki-too much bladder pressure, leakage
Small Yuki firm-worked well till I chopped off the stem and found it almost sideways (scary!) but was maybe a little too small, haven't ruled another one out though.
Icare-too soft, I rarely get it open.
Meluna-both soft and regular in small and medium. Couldn't open either of these no matter what I did.

I would love any suggestions to help me in my mission! I am wondering if a shorter but wider cup might alleviate the bladder issue? Also thinking a rounded end may not be the best for me given the bladder sensitivity.

ETA: Tossing up between a Luv ur body (small)
Super Jennie (small-concerned about opening this one)
and Lily Cup

Thank you!
I am hoping this isn't repetitive - I was having some trouble finding the answer.

I am contemplating trying a menstrual cup because I feel like tampons make my cramps worse (no idea if that's a thing or not but feels that way) and I can't stand the feel of pads. I am almost 31, have never given birth or had penetrative sex, and struggle with pelvic exams - like, frequently they use the pedi speculum, although I've gotten better. I don't have any idea if my cervix is high or low, but I do know it's tilted a bit. (Conversations I will be having with my doctor...).

Age and capacity wise I feel like a larger size would be better, and I have done the nuvaring before as well as successfully inserted a softcup (the disposable drugstore kind) although taking it out was like the shower scene from Psycho. But - again - GYN exams a struggle.

It seems from reading posts that the larger size isn't as big a deal as I initially was thinking. Is that true?
15 October 2016 @ 02:46 pm
Hi everyone,

I've used a Diva Cup for at least 4 years, a size 1 before I had my first child and a size 2 afterwards. I loved it and had no particular issues. I had a second child about a year ago and just got my period again. To my horror, I found that my Diva no longer fit as my cervix now seems very very low. I tried cutting off the stem and turning it inside out, which seemed to help until the cup slipped almost all of the way out of me. I figured I needed a different size and ordered a Meluna Shorty XL, classic firmness. I like it and it seems to fit lengthwise, but again, after a little while it falls out - like, ALL the way out!

My child's VBAC birth was pretty traumatic - a big baby in a posterior-facing position, so I ended up needing forceps. The partial 4th degree tear didn't do me any favors, but I regained good control of my muscles within a couple months. But now the instant I start to feel like I need to have a BM, the Meluna starts to fall out and I have to run to the bathroom. To be honest I don't know much about pelvic floor health, so I'm not sure if this means the muscles that control BMs are now stronger than my vaginal wall muscles or if it's a different problem completely. Is this an issue of me needing to do more kegels, or getting a wider cup, a different level of firmness, or what? Am I doomed to go back to tampons?

BTW, my period is super heavy for a couple days and moderate/lightfor a few (usually about a week total), so my preference is a cup with as much capacity as possible.

Thank you so much for your wisdom!
Whew, I had a hard time figuring out how to post; hope this works!

I've been using a MeLuna Mini (I guess comparable to the MeLuna Shorty M now? I THINK at the time it only came in their softest material) since January 2014, so I'm not a newbie by any means. I'm used to popping it in, changing every 12 hours, and forgetting about it. It's been wonderful.

Well, the past few cycles, my cup has started leaking 2-3 hours after I put it in. Not gushing, but more "spotting" I guess, that increases as time goes on. When it starts leaking, I take it out to change it and it's maybe only about 1/3 full. When I put it back in, it still "pops" out and seals around my cervix, seems secure. Well, for another 2-3 hours, that is! If I ignore the leaking, it gets worse and worse, and then I do seem to have an overflow situation? Maybe I need the next size larger Meluna? Thoughts?

-Nothing in my life has changed (sexual activity, pregnancies, etc)
-Periods are a tiny bit heavier but I'd still classify them as "very light"
-The blood DOES seem to be more watery lately, less clotting.
-I've been doing more physical activity (yoga/walking) and am a bit stronger; could I need a firmer cup due to PF muscles? Or could my cup be softer and not as "firm" due to the years of use/material wearing out?

Can you help me diagnose the problem? I've browsed the "leaking" category, but can't seem to find an answer. I seem to have a very small vaginal opening (I always have a little twinge of pain with removal) and probably a dangling cervix/shortish vagina?

14 October 2016 @ 02:39 pm
Hi everyone!

So I bought my first menstrual cup about 3 years ago at the age of 17, a no. 1 size Diva Cup. After the usual learning curve of insertion and removal, I was pretty happy and confident, and saw no reason why I should ever discontinue using my menstrual cup because I was saving money and being environmentally conscious. Win win! But then this odd thing started happening. I'd have it in for no longer than and hour, usually much less than that in fact, and all of a sudden I would get a shot of pain and the cup would immediately lose suction and leak. The first time it happened I was sure something had gone terribly wrong because the feeling was so awful. It felt like someone had stuck a plunger inside me and done one big hard yank on my cervix. Even though it was a bit scary, I was reassured that it wasn't causing me any harm other than the pain, so I persisted in using the cup, paying particular attention to the way I was inserting it from then on, making sure that it was fully open. Though the shots of pain followed by leakages persisted also, sometimes occurring at school, so I eventually decided to stop using it and go back to tampons. I desperately wanted to learn what was causing this problem and what I could do to fix it but I couldn't find anyone talking about my specific experience anywhere online so rather than risking possible further injury (because while I was relatively sure that it wasn't doing damage, I was still afraid that it could be) and discomfort, I gave up on being able to use menstrual cups.

So has anyone else had this experience? Because I would definitely prefer to be using a menstrual cup if I can learn what the cause of the problem I have with them is. I have wondered if it was to do with the size of the cup, the firmness of it, or perhaps even the shape of my vagina? All theories which I have not been game enough to test because of the potential harm to myself.

Thanks for reading x
10 October 2016 @ 11:51 pm

After using my large Si-Bell cup for 2,5 years I tore off the stem under a hasty removal this summer. It still works, but not as easily, so I've decided to replace it. And that has me curious to find something that works even better for me:)

I want:
LARGE CAPACITY - I always overflow the Si-Bell the moment I get vertical on the first two mornings of my period, so I really want to check out if just a little more capacity would save me from those morning bathroom runs..
SOFT - The cup can't be too stiff either, since a sensitive bladder was one of the reasons I got the Si-Bell in the first place
QUALITY SILICONE - Something that looks and feels like good silicone, no rip off brands

The market seems to have exploded with menstrual cups since I last checked it, but after looking around, I'm considering a large Super Jennie. Can anyone with experience with it tell me if I'm on the right track?

In addition, I'm considering a second cup, for the normal to trickling days. Instead of trying to get opposite qualities in one cup, I think it could be better to settle for two, or what say you?

I want:
SMALL-MIDDLEISH CAPACITY - small diameter would be nice
MIDDLEISH FIRMNESS - I'm a bit less sensitive on the later days, and would like just a little bit more spring, so there's less fiddling to get the cup to open
LONGISH - I have a quite high cervix on the later days, and it would be nice to not have to rummage so far up there, so longer than 62mm for sure!

I know this describes half the cups on the market, but I'm mostly curious to hear your personal experiences with and preferences for some cups that fit the bill. The only other cup I've tried was a small Lunette, and I think that would work - I guess I'm just curious to try something new. And I'm really curious if there are many other cuppers out there who have resorted to using two different cups each period?

Sorry for my long post:) and thanks in advance for any replies!
09 October 2016 @ 12:09 am
I have a small juju cup and bought another small iris cup because I want something that is less firm. However, once I inserted the iris cup. The rim will open right up and attached to the cervix without the body of the cup fully open, still flat. Can anyone suggest a new cup that is about the same firmness of the iris cup and easier to remove? Not sure if I need a longer cup or shorter cup.

Last night, I inserted the iris cup and have hard time removing it. So, I thought I would wait until the next morning. Now, I still have have trouble removing the cup. It form a super tight seal with the cervix and my finger is not long enough to reach the rim...very worry... I will try again in the afternoon...

Finally removed the cup with 2 hands, one tugging at the stem. Feel relief XD
I have posted a couple times before. I seem to be having a hard time finding the right cup. so far I have a sckoon & lily cup compact. I have been using them for 1 -1 2 yrs now. There are different things I like and don't like about both of them but I want something I like all the time. :)

I have titled uterus, I know I have read that doesn't matter but I think it does. I have a low cervix at the beginning of my cycle and a avg to high form the middle to the end.

I have determined I am very sensitive on the outer open of my vagina and I just can't handle any grip marks rubbing that area.

The sckoon is to low in the beginning and too hard to get out near the end.

The lily cup compact is better but the end of it, I guess the stem part rubs me. It also seems harder to keep clean.

So I am thinking I need a cup that isn't too long but is fairly easy to grip and doesn't have a lot of pronounced ridges or markings on the outside or on the stem.

Both the cups I have are the larger size and I also think I need to switch to the smaller sizes despite my age and having had 2 children.

I am thinking a small ladycup or maybe just going a whole different direction with a small femmycycle, it is so different I am thinking it would work. I would love something I could sleep in, I find both the other cups to uncomfortable when I am lying down and moving around a lot. Thoughts?

I have not read about too many people that find the outer markings uncomfortable. If you have this issue do you have any recommendations?

Thanks I know this is kind of long.
05 October 2016 @ 09:34 pm
Hi, i'm new here. I've been sing my cup for two months now and I love it so so much, it works great, never leaks but I do have one problem, I also love acrylic nails. Long, stiletto acrylic nails, and tbh i've been too scared to try to use my cup when i have my lovely nails, so when i get my period and i happen to have my nails i have to go back to using gross disposable pads wich i hate. Any advice?
01 October 2016 @ 10:56 am
So I was just diagnosed with bacterial vaginitis earlier this week and before I could pick up the medicine my period started. I've read the little paper they gave me with the medicine and it said to keep using it through your period but I'm also on birth control and my periods last around two weeks or more and since I'm only using this gel twice a week for four months I was wondering if it would be okay if I use my menstrual cup say the morning after I do treatment? And from then till my next one? I just really hate pads...
I've just been having a bit of a dilemma, after emptying my cup in the toilet and flushing there's always blood stains at the bottom. I've tried putting a square of tp down beforehand but it only works to a certain extent. Is it possible to prevent this?
29 September 2016 @ 11:30 am
Hi all!
I'm new to the cup world, after months of research, I decided to try the cup since I'm tired of pads and tampons have always been uncomfortable and filled up with vaginal fluid way too quickly.
I got the Bree Lena cup, size 2 since I've had a vaginal birth(age 25)and can get it in fairly easy, but my problem is I can twist it around and move it up and down pretty easily, even though I know it's sealed. Should I be able to move it around that easily? It keeps leaking and gets uncomfortable after 20min or so.

Also, I HATE putting my fingers in my vagina. Haha I probably have no business using a cup if that's the case, but I'm just so new to it and it freaks me out a bit. How the heck can I get over that??

Anyway, thanks in advance! I love reading the posts here!

Firstly, I'm really sorry about asking things that may have already been asked.

I'm new to menstrual cups, this is my first cycle using it. I purchased my LilyCup in size A (the small one) less than a month ago and since I wasn't on my period, I decided to try and figure out how to insert it (and eventually remove it). I had a few tries, but it didn't go really well, so the first time I could really get it in was the first day of my cycle (a few days ago).
From that day on, inserting the menstrual cup hadn't been a problem at all. I don't remember the first and second removal being really painful or anything like that. But the last two were. And I had been struggling with it for about half an hour each time to get it out, still not painless at all.
I should have removed it yesterday again, obviously, but I couldn't get it out (I'm pretty sure that suction is my main issue here), I tried two times again today, but the results were the same.

My first question is: how do I release the suction without hurting myself that much? I've tried pinching the bottom part of the cup, but I think it's too soft to break the suction that way. I've tried reaching the rim (upper part) with my fingers, but it's too high. And I've tried pushing the front part with my thumb: it broke the suction a few times, but I wasn't able to take the cup out because it created the suction again.

My second question is related to vaginismus. I think I have it, though it hasn't been confirmed by anyone. Basically, me and my boyfriend wanted (and we still do) to have sex, we've tried several times, but it hurt me almost to the point my eyes started tearing. And at first we thought it was the normal pain you experience the first time, so he tried getting in, but he couldn't do it. And also, the first few times I've tried inserting the cup, it hurt the same way. And when I have it in, sometimes I have small cramps that are similar to the pain I felt during the attempts with my boyfriend. So the question is: does this whole situation affect my menstrual cup experience? And could it be the reason why removing it hurts so much?

The post is long, but I really am in need of clarifying some things.

Thank you :)
23 September 2016 @ 01:57 pm
I went to buy another fleurcup (small) and noticed they no longer have all the different colours! While this is not as important as the fit, I wasn't so keen on having a plain cup where any staining could be much more obvious. Does anyone know where I can get a similar cup that does come in a few different colours? Here's what I like about the fleurcup, in case it helps:

- Site has worldwide delivery (I live in a country where you can't just buy them in a store)
- Cup and stem quite soft and flexible (hated the Divacup because it was far too hard and stiff)
- Lots of grip on stem and base of cup
- Small size cup and stem just the right length. I did not need to cut any of the stem off
- Stem is long. Considering the entire cup and stem fits inside me, I would NOT be keen on having a tinier stem because it would make it more difficult to remove

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!
I've been using my lunette for about 4 years, along with a ladycup, and the lunette looks a bit rubbish now. It's split at the holes right up to the rim, although not all the way through the material. (mostly just an issue with cleaning, but if it continues at this rate, it'll probably split open fairly soon) The ladycup looks brand new, even though I've had it for longer.
I'm not sure if the labia fold is what caused the damage, long term, as I can't use it on the ladycup (due to the thicker upper section) so it's not been victim to the same treatment as the lunette. Or is it a general fault with lunettes being a bit weaker?
The thing is that the lunette is a really good cup for me, and the labia fold is my favourite fold. But equally, 2-3 years of use doesn't seem fantastic in cup terms. So my thoughts are basically as follows:
- if the labia fold (or complex folds in general) are the problem, and it'd cause the same amount of damage in any other cup, then I'd probably just get another lunette and try to use a different fold
- if the lunette is weaker, and generally doesn't have the best lifespan, then I'd try and get a similar cup (looking at organicup and medium rubycup) and continue using the labia fold
- if 2-3 years of use is actually pretty good for a cup (I mean, has anyone ever actually had a cup last for 10 years, or is that just a marketing thing?) then I'd get another lunette, continue with labia fold

Really not very good at organising messages, so apologies if this isn't very clear.
Thank you! :)
21 September 2016 @ 03:48 pm
Hello !
My first time posting here. On my second month using the moon cup ( Uk). My main problem is leaking. Constant leaking. I'm sure it's in right , can go any lower or the cup part is bulging out . I read on the common q & a that the main reason it leaks is that it's not in low enough. Any other reasons for leakage ??

I also really struggled to pass urine with it in , was painful and only dribbled out , but I've found if I lean back in the seat , it seems to relieve the pressure and it flows easier!

Any advice appreciated!
05 September 2016 @ 10:25 am
Two years ago I heard about menstrual cups. I had heard about how amazing they were and how they made having a period such a breeze. After some research I found the Luna cup, it seemed like a good fit for me and it received many high ratings. I tried it yesterday, and honestly it was a horrific experience. To insert it I used the 7 fold, and there was some slight pain. I thought that that might be normal considering this is my first time using something like this. The first time it was set very high up and I couldn't feel it. later on in the day I decided to take it out and empty it. After putting it in a second time, I tried to stand
up and walk around it was soo uncomfortable. I could feel it inside me. So I thought maybe I didn't put it deep enough, so I tried to take it out and put it back in farther up. I made sure when taking it out I had removed the suction by hooking my finger over the rim of the cup and turning it into a loose c fold. But even then taking it out hurt so much I was gritting my teeth and had tears welling up. Once I finally got it out I tried to put it back in further, this time putting it hurt a bit more than the previous time. It just opened up right back where it was before. I stood up again and it was really uncomfortable. I decided I would try one last time, but once again the pain of removing the cup was so intense, and when I reinserted it, it still opened way lower than the first time I used it, and it was incredibly uncomfortable to walk with. This has just been a really big hassle for me, and I honestly am considering just going back to typical pads and tampons. What am I doing wrong?
03 September 2016 @ 10:57 pm
Obligatory first time poster long time lurker. You guys helped me so much for the past 9 months and I'm now a very happy menstrual cup user. However I do have a couple of questions. I already read the FAQ and a gazillion post. I'm looking for your opinions so here it goes.
1.- I am considering a second cup. I bought my first cup named "femcup" (the greek one?) and everything has been quite okay. I mean, I had to get through the learing curve and all that, but right now I feel very comfortable using my cup if not for a small detail: It won't open. I mean, it will, yeah, eventually. I am a master at "manually" opening the cup. I push, pull, twist, take out, fold again, get in, push with a finger, rotate, the whole deal. I am ALWAYS able to open the cup, but as you may know or imagine, it gets bothersome. Thing is, the first couple of months of my use of the cup I could actually feel the thing pop open without me having to do a thing. I got it in, let it go and "pop", but for the past 4 months it just doesnt happen. Everytime I empty the cup I have to do the whole deal. And now that I am a master at opening it, I want a second cup. I would guess mine is quite soft, but that is just a guess since the cup is not on the charts and since I am in Mexico I have close to 0 oportunities to compare cups. So, a stiffer cup should be just what I need to make it pop open easily, right? I don't want super duper stiff but a "middle of the road" would be fine. I was considering a MeLuna Classic. You think that's a good "middle ground" one? My cup holds 15 ml to the second mark and still has some room to spare before the holes and I am okay with that capacity, although of course more capacity good be okay too.
2.- The shape of the cup. Mine looks exactly like a Mia cup and I consider it quite pointy. Now, my cups tends to ride tilted to the right side. like this: /, so I had to trim a bit of the steam to make it comfortable. Do you guys think a different shape cup like the Meluna which is more rounded at the bottom would be better? Would that make it tilt less? Or will the cup do the same? I don't mind it, I know how to reach it and take it out, I´m just quite curious.
3.- I don't have leaking per se, but I do always have to wear a pantiliner to catch drops here ad there. Not much, less than a tea spoon would be my guess (throghout the day). So only residual? If I could stop wearing them then it would be awesome, you think a different shape of cup would help? Is it maybe because my cup is too soft? I don't know, I sometimes kinda feel like my cups is floating in a lot of space everywhere, like, it goes past my pelvic bone and there is a lot of space for the cup to tilt and stuff. Maybe that's just me.

Anyway, basically thoghts? opinions? Maybe I need something rounder like a Lena? a Sckoon? I though about the Meluna because its not that expensive and It's got a lot of options on sizes and stiffness, and that it looks a bit rounder, but if you have any thoughts please share.

EDIT: Also, are there any more "middle of the road" on stiffness cups? Cause the chart https://menstrualcupinfo.wordpress.com/cup-stiffness-comparison-chart/ does not have any cups on 5 and only one on 6.

EDIT2: Also, for a while I was drawn to the Lily cup, the classic one, but reviews lead me to thik it is also a VERY soft cup and I will have the same problems opening it, right?
31 August 2016 @ 03:24 pm
The other day I pop in my (about two year old) meluna shorty in antisipation for my cycle, and turns out I don't need it yet. I set it on the edge of the sink after rinsing and it sets there for a day until my cycle arrives. I go to put it in today, and when I take it off the counter, alittle of the rim of the cup stays on the counter! It's so little that I can still use the cup, but I was wondering if there was other stories like this?

Now for the math to figure out if I should invest in another one....     
Hi everyone!

I am thinking about buying a menstrual cup. I haven't used a menstrual cup before and I am nineteen years old and a virgin. I am thinking about buying either the Ruby cup small or medium or the Lunette model 1, but I don't know which one to buy and would really appreciate some advice.

During my period I have a heavy flow for 2-3 days, then a moderate flow (2 days) and then a light (2 days). During my heaviest days I use a super tampon which I need to change at least every 3 hour. During my moderate flow I tend to change a regular tampon about every 3-4 hour. And then on my light days I can change it whenever I want to and it isn't full.

I would prefer to change my menstrual cup like every 5 hour or less, on my heaviest days if it's possible. But I am wondering which you would recommend of the ruby cup small, Lunette model 1 or Ruby cup medium? Medium has a great capacity, i think, but I am a little scared that it will be uncomfortable to wear/use? Could the ruby cup medium be used on very light days? Also, I noticed that there are a difference at 1 ml in capacity between Ruby cup small and Lunette model 1. Does 1 ml, make a noticeable difference?

Which one of the cups I've mentioned would be the best starter cup, but at the same time with a decent capacity? Would really appreciate some advice.

Personal experience would also really help. If you have any of these cups and a heavy flow how many hours can you wear it before you have to empty it? And how often did you have to change a tampon? If you are in my age or younger and have tried any of the cups, it would also really help to hear your opinion of them or experience with them.

Thank you in advance.
29 August 2016 @ 09:15 pm
Hi all,

I've been having some cup trouble lately and am hoping you all could offer me some suggestions/advice.

I'm a 24 year-old who has never given birth. I've been using menstrual cups for several years. I've tried both the Lunette and the Keeper (small size on both).

The Lunette feels fairly comfortable once it's in, but I have a really hard time getting it to open. I think it's too soft. I'm very physically active, and my pelvic floor muscles are strong, and also perhaps tighter/narrower than average (though that's just conjecture). I've tried several different folds, and it still doesn't really open. I have to really reach in and twist it around, and even then sometimes it STILL doesn't open.

The Keeper is quite firm and opens very easily -- in fact, sometimes it pops open too soon. That's not a huge issue, as I can just slide it up into place. However, because it's so firm, it's VERY painful to remove. I have a hard time folding it down enough to remove it, and I basically end up having to pull it out fully opened, which is quite painful.

Both cups interfere with my urine stream. It's not a huge deal, but it is annoying and a little uncomfortable.

I have no idea whether my cervix is high, low, or normal -- how can you tell??

Lastly, two years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis, which has been causing a lot of general pelvic pain. I've had a lot of anxiety lately concerning my pelvic and vaginal area, so using a cup has become emotionally challenging. I do want to continue using cups, because I hate both pads and tampons, but the less "involved" I have to be with cup insertion/removal, the better.

Can anyone suggest a cup that might be better for me -- firmer than the Lunette, but softer than the Keeper? With a softer rim, to help with the urination issue? One that pops open easily? And does anyone have any helpful tips for dealing with vagina anxiety?

Thanks so much! I love this community. :)