28 January 2015 @ 10:46 pm
Hi all! I'm a cup noob. A bit of background: I have a history of heavier, irregular periods. Have been stacking the pill for almost 5 years to not have any periods. Not that that works, but that's a story for another time. Anyway, for the past 10 days, I've had my period, and was bleeding really heavily for 5 of them. I was passing huge clots every 2 hours and doing the tampon with pad combo and changing the tampon every 2 hours. This kind of bleeding is not normal for me. Yes, I have consulted my GP. We're working on it. ;) So, I got the Diva cup, was worried about it not holding enough, because of these clots...but since I started it, I had 1 small clot and that was it. This may be a stupid question, but having a cup wouldn't somehow cause the clots to stop forming, would it? Like, something about the suction inside? I'm guessing not, and that it just so happened that those huge clots were done at the same time I started using the cup. This is probably a totally lame question. ;)

EDIT: I've had the cup out for an hour, and suddenly got a bad cramp and felt a clot coming out. How does that work? I haven't had any all day, and then I take the cup out and suddenly I have one? I'm so confused!

I'm having some difficulties and weirdness, too. I am sure I'll get used to it, but I'm still learning. I was having issues with the cup being too long and irritating my labia...I googled and found this community and read suggestions of flipping the cup inside out. So I did, and that's been great. I'm having trouble taking the cup out. It comes out easily, but when it pops out, it kind of hurts. Like, when the rim pops out, I cringe every time. And getting the cup to come out without spilling is driving me nuts. My underwear from today now has some drops of blood on them because I just couldn't get the cup out without dropping a little. :( Any tips for both of these?

I also figured out, at this point in this freakishly long and heavy cycle, the cup starts to leak after about 5 hours. That hopefully will change as my cycle gets lighter again. But that means I won't be able to sleep through the night without getting up once to empty it, I guess. So I'm not wearing it tonight just in Case...but now that it's out, I'm noticing some itching around the opening of my vagina. Could that just be from putting the cup in and taking it out multiple times?

The weirdness: a couple times, I've put the cup in and it has kinda settled and shifted to where it wants to sit within a few minutes, which is fine. I feel it pop open, which is good, but it is such a weird sensation. And a couple times, I have felt dizzy for a few minutes after feeling this pop. What gives, and has anyone else had that?

Lastly, I'm wondering if it's absolutely necessary to use soap or the Diva Cup cleaner to clean the cup. Can I use just hot water, or will that not suffice? I don't want to have to carry around *another* bottle of something...I already have lotion, and pills, and Chapstick, etc.

I feel like I have more questions, but this post is already long enough! I really want this whole cup thing to work. I'm thinking about getting a Meluna because I love how customizable they are...which could be a whole other post.

If you've read this far, thanks in advance!
28 January 2015 @ 05:05 pm
I didn't see a category for my concern, but I know I'm not the only one who has wondered about this. I am 21 and have been using a rubycup for 6 months. After a very bad first time experience I've gotten the hang of using the cup, although I still have some issues.

My main question is about some embarrassing noises that I never noticed having before using a cup. One is that I am still maybe having trouble positioning the cup. I wear light liners because it will still leak sometimes, but sometimes I get uncontrollable air escaping from my vagina! As in farting noises, but I have absolutely no control. Luckily every time i've gotten my period has been on a weekend or a break. But is this something anyone else has experienced?

Also I'm pretty sure my hymen is still intact, maybe just stretched, because it's very difficult to get even one finger around the cup once it's in. I've never been able to "check" if it has opened except for sometimes being able to feel it opening as I push it in.

The other thing is similar, very loud, noises coming from my abdomen. Now I've had gas, or eaten something that doesn't agree before....this is not that! This never happened before I used a cup. I'm seriously embarrassed to go to Bible study, or classes because the sound is constant, loud, and sometimes gross sounding. Any ideas? I don't really get bad cramps, but my abdomen just feels kinda sore not really bothersome.

I'm up for any suggestions, diet or anything. I just started my period today so I can experiment :P
28 January 2015 @ 06:02 am
Gosh, I haven't posted in here for years! I just thought I would share my newest addition, the FemmyCycle. I haven't gotten to try it yet, as I'm almost a year post-partum, and breastfeeding has kept the witch at bay! I have to admit, I haven't even given it a test run. I'm afraid I'll jinx myself.
I'd post pictures, but I don't have Instagram, or a link, or whatever my options were.
So if you have the FC, do you like it? It sure looks different.
27 January 2015 @ 07:07 pm
So, first a bit of background info. The cup is a lunette, model 1. I am 14 years old, and a virgin. I just got the cup today, and put it in not too long ago. I'm not on my period. I've looked around, but I haven't really seen a post with my issue yet, so here I am. Insertion was pretty easy, no trouble there after I found a good way to actually do it. Removal, however, is pretty difficult. I can grab the tab on the lunette, and pull the cup out enough that I can easily touch the base of the cup, but I cant get a grip on the bottom of the cup and pinch it, releasing the suction. I can only fit in one finger, and it hurts to try and put in any other fingers with the cup inside. I've tried a few times within the course of about an hour to try and get it out, so I could relax and start again. Any tips or tricks? I'm at my dad's house and don't have anyone I can ask for help about this, so I'm relying on you guys. Thank you, everyone :D One last thing, just to be clear, I can get the cup down far enough that it's almost out, and have no problem with that, I just cant break the suction.

**EDIT - I did it!! Oh god, I'm so happy. I got scared and frustrated, but I did it. To all the other people who might have this issue, I'll tell you all how I got it out.

So, I ended up going into the shower, so I could use the water as a lube. No matter what, I still couldn't get more than one finger in, and when I got my thumb and my finger in, I couldn't grab the cup. SO, I just used my thumb. I was crouching on the floor of the shower, and just kept on pushing my thumb in and down, against the cup. Eventually, I felt the seal break. God, was I happy, I was ecstatic! After the seal broke, I just started slowly pulling the cup out, again using only my thumb, though I could have used my other hand to grab the base of the cup, I also kind of turned the cup to ease it out and right out it came. Once I figured out how to get it out, it was really easy.

Finally, I would like to say the pros of this ordeal, and my opinion on the cups themselves, for anyone looking to buy and use one.
-They're great.
-Insertion was really easy, I didn't use the c fold as the box said, but instead folded the cup in on itself, and just slowly eased the cup in.
-It didn't feel like anything was even in me! I wasn't on my period, but seriously, it didn't even feel like anything was there.
-After I figured out how to break the seal, it was no problem at all to get it out. I suggest trying many different ways to get the cup out, if you're having problems with it. (I read though, that many people didn't have any trouble removing the cup on their first try, so keep that in mind if you're looking to buy one.)

Okay, sorry this is really long. I hope this helped anyone, and thank you, anyone, as well, for responding to my original post.
Most of my friends, or at least the portion of friends that I have discussed periods with, use pads. They're uncomfortable with putting things "up there," and it's their body, so I respect that. At the same time, I get a twinge of sadness because I realize that I used to be like them, too.

Using tampons (the ones with applicators) was a small step into self-education, but in using them, there was an unshakable notion of conditioned aversion that had been sprouted from the cultural negativity and shame of vaginas. Sure, applicators make things far more convenient in situations such as camping or hiking, but as to everyday use, why? Why are we scared to put our fingers near our vaginas, so much that we use a plastic tube so that our fingers won't come into contact with them?

When I got a DivaCup, I forced myself to get over it. I poked around my vagina with my finger and felt my cervix and gradually became more comfortable with my body. I'd like to chalk it up to half perseverance, half bravery; with these came small milestones and small victories, like being able to finally insert the cup. I feel like I learned so much more about my own body and I am now far more comfortable with myself. Looking back, the difference in attitude is indescribable.

I'm so glad that I discovered menstrual cups. To anyone who's starting out, don't give up, it's so worth it. To anyone who's been doing this for a while, let's celebrate the existence of cups!
25 January 2015 @ 08:43 am
I'm a 13-year-old virgin who used the DivaCup for the first time yesterday. It's been, uh, interesting, to say the least, but I wouldn't exactly call it convenient. Anyway, while taking it out after overnight use, I noticed that the cup had migrated about half an inch upward from where I remembered it sitting when I inserted it. I removed it with ease, but my concern is, had it migrated further up, would it be hard to remove? I think I have a high cervix, and I really don't want it to get lost inside me.
24 January 2015 @ 11:44 pm
Hello, how are y'all doing? I'm off cups this month thanks to my new IUD. Or as I like to call it, my magic plastic science capsule. So yeah I'm still kind of recovering from having a foreign object put into my uterus. I'm being extra careful for the first month, which means I'm using pads, and I'm not happy about it. I mean I've heard some people say you can use a cup right away, but expulsions are most likely to happen in the first month, and I don't want to take chances. But pads are just so annoying! And I'm almost out of pads! I haven't bought pads in years, this is unacceptable. And it's making me think about the fact that when I use the cup, my period really doesn't get in the way of my sex life much. Because we can still do external stuff fine, and it doesn't bother me that I'm on my period. My boyfriend can still stick his hand in my pants and it's not a big deal for me to be like "oh by the way, my cup is in." I mean, I suppose tampons should work the same way, but I always had leaking problems with tampons, and the string would weird me out. But now, I'm wearing bulky pads that might leak and that whole area is a no-go zone, it's just really frustrating for both of us. I remember some cup brand listing "sensual" as one of the advantages of the their product, with some euphemistic explanation. Well they may have been on to something. Ahem. Anyway, that's enough livejournal rant for one day. Let me know if you have any questions about IUDs, because they're great! And because of the ACA, they're now covered by many (most?) insurance plans without co-pay. Seriously, I had to pay a $10 co-pay for the consultation appointment, and the rest was free. It's supposed to stay put for 5 years and I only had to pay $10. I'm super excited about this you guys!
22 January 2015 @ 03:32 pm
Hello :-)

Maybe this one has already been discussed here, sorry. Here is its link : www.librette.com
Thus it seems a Bellecup by the Librette Inc. company may have existed, and is registered as having the FDA approval.
Yet we only got the home page of the website, as none of the links are actually 'clickable'. There's not even a proper photo of the cup. And the dates at the bottom are 2008-2010..

But this one isn't to be confused with the Bellecup with a specific shape, by the Irish company Rubicon Healthcare!
21 January 2015 @ 06:08 pm
Hello Menstrual Cup lovers!
I wanted to tell you about an upcoming menstrual cup project I am working on.

Sustainable Cycles is a collective of "spokes women" who bike across the country and hold workshops to educate, and provide free samples of sustainable menstrual products (ie cloth pads and cups)

I thought as cup fans I would share our next tour.
A group of seven women on three routes will be embarking this March-June, ending at the 2015 Menstrual Conference in Boston MA. TO check out our dates, and consider donating, check out our indiegogo page at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sustainable-cycles--2
We also got some good press recently that also recounts my first horrific period experience, its a good read! http://ladyclever.com/health-fitness/sustainable-cycles-a-new-approach-to-menstruation/
Anyway thanks for listening,

I am new to this and it's not working for me and I really want it to. I've used instead's soft cup and love them but they leak and are expensive. I am 48 have had 2 children vaginally. As far as I can tell from what I have read here my cervix height is avg. (It might drop some during my cycle). Also, if it matters I have tilted uterus.

I got the Sckoon size 2 several months ago. Tried it once and it was very painful and didn't try it again till this month. I did some online research and it worked better this time. It was not painful, but was uncomfortable.

I feel like I am not getting it high enough, it starts opening before I get it in far enough. Once I had it farther in and I couldn't really feel it and it worked great. The other times it worked but was very uncomfortable. I feel like it is hanging too low and I can feel it. I have trouble getting it in enough before it starts to open then it's really hard to get open and I can feel it sitting there plus it is very irritating.

Am I just doing it wrong and need practice? or should I try a different cup?

My thoughts about a different cup are not latex that really irritates me. I am hesitant to get one that is too hard/firm. I also don't like how some of the rims look (they just look uncomfortable) The rim of the sckoon is part of the reason I choose it. I do wonder if the sckoon is too wide at the bottom and if it has too much going on down there with the pattern. The area at my opening gets easily irritated. I read on here that someone else had problems with the sckoon like that. I wondering if I need something more narrow at the bottom and smooth but also not too firm. Which cup would match that? Are there any other cups with rims similar to the sckoon? I am in the USA. I like the look of the Meluna with the ball handle.

thanks to anyone who has a suggestion.
Hello. It's my first time ever trying a silicone cup. I just tried out the economic yuuki large.
I've been using only melunas with a ring stem for nearly two years.

Well, I find I can't get the cup out (yuuki) for the life of me. I can't even rotate the cup or even pull it down (too much muscle I guess). It is jammed.
I can't get a grip on the stem because it's slippery and hollow. How can I get it out? Surely others have this problem? It's just too slippery and flimsy. How can I make this cup work for me? I'm thinking of getting a towel on my fingers to get it out. Because I can't get it out at all. I always have problems with cup removal but now this is just insane. How people get a grip on these stems to pull it out...I don't know! What do I do?

The second thing is I'm finding the cup sore for me. I don't know why when I have it tilting towards my anus. It shouldn't hurt? It feels like pressure in there as well. These are things I had happen when I was new to cups!

Note: I am a virgin with a big bone above my vagina and so much skin around my vagina and inside it's so small and very hard to get a cup in and pop open in (some reason after two years I can't master cups to open).
I had not previously used my meluna xl because I couldn't get it out...but now my vagina will let it out, so I was thinking my hymen HAD to stretch by now. At some times my vaginal opening seems wider and there seems to be so much less muscle inside. (No little about my anatomy...)

Anyhow...what do I do? Are there any non flimsy cups? The ring stem on my melunas are great for breaking the intense suction and I can keep my fingers on it. I had hopes for my first ever cup in two years and now I can't even get it out! I was nearly going to buy a luvurbody cup too and that has an even smaller stem! Maybe a firm cup would work for me?
Hi all! I've been an on& off cup user for about 4 years (took time off for baby #2 & postpartum). I have a short vagina, low/dangly cervix, 36 years old, 1 csection, 1 vbac, good vaginal tone considering. 😉

I have a medium Meluna (circa 2010/2011, befor they changed up sizing I think) that fits perfectly but is too small for my heavy days. I leak after 10-15 mins. It's enough to soak through a pad too, so using a back up is not really an option here.

I also have a large soft Meluna. It's way to big - like it literally hangs out of me. It also leaks after 30 mins. I got this one after the medium hoping for extra capacity but it's horribly uncomfortable & only buys maybe 15 mins, so not worth it. I'm not sure if it's the poor fit or softness.

I also have a small Lunette that I only used a few times because it was pinchie & uncomfortable.

I need something in between the size of the large & medium Meluna for those heavy days. I'm thinking Skooon or Femmecup? any feedback or other suggestions?
19 January 2015 @ 02:05 pm
Hi everyone,
I've had a soft Meluna with a ball stem for about a year. During my last removal the ball came off in my hand. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me to avoid doing it again with my next one? I have no idea how I managed it. I was also wondering if it was worth e-mailing Meluna to let them know about it?
18 January 2015 @ 05:20 pm
I currently own a cheapie ebay cup. While I like using a cup, but this one seems to be very soft and I can't always get it to pop open and seal correctly. The cup I have is "size 2". I am sexually active and have had a child via c-section, although I did go through labor and he ended up getting stuck while crowning. I'm uncertain about what size to get for this reason because all the descriptions say size 2 for after vaginal birth. This is the cup I have in size 2 or large, whatever they call it. I am interested in the Meluna, and Fleurcup. Should I stick with the large size? $(KGrHqZHJFEFJ0Lgu)KVBSefs3p5!!~~60_35
18 January 2015 @ 03:55 pm
Hello everyone! I've been reading darn near everything on this site and elsewhere and am going to give the menstrual cup a try. I've unofficially decided I'm going to get a Divacup 1 and the reason it's "unoffical" leads to my question: In my research on choosing a cup I've read about finding your cervix first, but that its depth changes during your period. I'd rather not have to wait a month and a half to try out the cup (and start getting through the learning curve) but It'll be a couple weeks until my next cycle and I want to make sure I get a good-sized cup for me and I have no clue how much my cervix might "dangle" during my cycle. Should I just get the Divacup and go for it, or choose a cup after I find my cervix during my period?
Another related question I have:
I've heard leaking is common during the learning curve (and sometimes after) and I'm wondering how much? I plan on using my usual liners as backup when I start, but will I need something thicker?
Thank you everyone!
17 January 2015 @ 02:59 pm
I'm about to buy my first cup. Using the size charts, measurement charts and other info on this website, I've narrowed it down to either a small Si-Bell or a small Lunette. I have a high cervix, I can barely reach it squatting, so I need a long cup/stem. I also want a soft cup since I think it will hurt to insert a stiffer cup. (The main reason I'm not considering the Diva is that it's stiffer.) (FWIW, I'm 24 and never had sex of any variety)

However, I've just realized that my flow is probably heavy. I thought of it as more average/moderate but after researching tampon capacities, I'm not sure. I don't want to change the cup more often than I change tampons now.

Currently, for the first 2 days (heaviest days), I go through an ultra tampon in 2-3 hours (Tampax Pearl Ultra, if it matters). After that 2-3 hours, the tampon and string are completely saturated and dripping with blood. It's so full that I barely need to pull the string to remove it. If I didn't also use pads for backup, I'd have to change every 60-90 minutes. I plan to use cloth pads with the cup as backup, but I just don't want the cup to overflow in 2-3 hours.

Do you think the small Si-Bell or Lunette have enough capacity for that? Are there any cups you'd recommend instead?

Would it make sense to get a large Si-Bell instead even though I'm nulliparous? It has a greater capacity than the small, but is still soft and has a long stem.

Thanks in advance for your help/advice. I really appreciate this community and am grateful for all I've learned so far.
17 January 2015 @ 11:50 pm
This cup has a really pretty design!
I'd like to buy one, but when I went to buy it, it said it's about $60 just to send it and the cup is about $1??? That can't be correct. A $1 cup?


Does anyone have one?
15 January 2015 @ 02:17 pm
Okay, so *totally TMI*, but I almost have the menstrual cup perfected. Except, my flow is heavy as can be (my mL/hr has hopefully maxed out for the day at 9... and I'm having trouble removing it without a terrible mess.

Folding is of course part of the problem, but how do I remove it so that the rim is perfectly horizontal?

*How I'm getting 9: The cup up to the holes is 27, and I was leaking some 3 hrs 6 minutes later.... but then again, its a soft cup, so I havent yet not spilled any too see how much I'm crushing it.

Cup of interest: NaturalMama
14 January 2015 @ 08:06 pm
Hello :-)

A cup from Ireland? What a shape! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bellecup-RHBC-Reusable-Menstrual-Cup/dp/B00M0QYQ7K/ref=pd_sim_sbs_d_5?ie=UTF8&refRID=1J8CC00R1D8XAFB6Z11B

Made of medical grade silicone, and in the text, states "Better hold and comfort".
But not any more info about this unique model.
And just when I thought I had this whole cup thing figured out...

I've been using menstrual cups for about 5 years, and this particular cup (Shecup) for about 3. I recently had my Mirena IUD removed and suddenly I'm having major leakage. I'm not over-filling the cup, my cervix is definitely (o) in the cup, and from what I can tell, the position of my cervix/general internal orientation have not changed. The only thing that has changed is that I'm getting a much larger volume of red, liquid blood (compared to more mucus-like brown discharge before IUD removal).

Has anyone ever had a similar problem? Any ideas on how to fix it? I'd have no issue going with a larger cup, but shecup is definitely not a small model, especially for a 25 year old with no births.
14 January 2015 @ 01:22 am
Yeah, I don't know how, just know it did...
I cutted the stem off, and it started doing that hahaha
Thankfully it only happens when I'am putting in, so I can fix it.
Don't know if it is something about the fold [I can only do the triangle, I'm a virgin and no other fold can go thru my hymen opening without hurting] or if it's because of its wide [40mm]
I kind off afraid it happens during the use.
That have not happend when the stem was there, but I just had to cut it, it pokes me and it was so outside of me that very often I even moved the cup when I sat, making it breaks its seal and leaks.
Any advices?
13 January 2015 @ 07:22 pm
Hi, I'm new here, I was recommended through another forum as apparently this is the best place for advice, here's my problem:

I've wanted to try menstrual cups for a few years but have always been too worried, I have a prolapse and I don't know how using a cup will affect it, or even if it's possible to use one. I have had 2 children vaginally and one by c-section. I have a rectocele and a cervix prolapse (it sits quite low, around 2-3cm from the vagina opening) when I'm on my period my cervix can be quite tender and my period for the first 2 days is heavy (soaks a super plus tampon in 2-3 hours) what would you advise for me, if I can even use one?

P.s. Not sure if it makes a difference but I'm im the UK.

13 January 2015 @ 03:12 am
So I'm fairly new to menstrual cups (still in my first cycle), but fairly comfortable with my own body. I've purchased a Small Classic Meluna that I'm currently using (I used the sizing thing on their website) but have been experiencing a couple of problems with it and would love some advice as to how to proceed!

The premise: Fits great, pops right open, no problems inserting or removing. But, it leaks halfway through, and when I remove the cup it's barely even half full. It also seems to leak if I'm sitting in a weird position with my knees up high (but not sure if this is related).

Anyway, I got my finger up there and lo and behold, my cervix is the most dangly thing I have ever noticed on my own body. It's so incredibly dangly on my period I'm surprised I've had problems feeling for it before. At any rate, I've noticed that when I insert my Meluna it goes entirely around my cervix, and it sits snugly inside, probably taking up space.

Now, I'm really enjoying my Small Meluna (until it leaks, ugh) but I can't help but feel that it's not the right size for me just because of my extremely dangly cervix.

I have a couple of questions:
1) Should I not make assumptions and continue with my learning-curve to see if the leaking stops?
2) If not, how should I go about buying a different cup? Do you think a Large Meluna will be too wide for me, and should I go for a Medium instead? Or perhaps some other brand? Do I need something wider or something longer/more capacity, or both, and do you have any suggestions? Length is not a problem I think, I have a long vaginal canal (but with the aforementioned dangly cervix). I've been looking at comparison photos - maybe the Small Divacup may work, as it is tall?

Thanks so much in advance!!

P.S. Not sure if this has anything to do with anything, but if it helps any, I'm a small 5'4", 121 lbs athletic build (I lift weights), 25 years old, never been pregnant, currently have a Mirena IUD.
12 January 2015 @ 10:22 am
Hello All!

Over a year ago I came to this site and was able to do a lot of research on first time use and which cup to go with. I ended up going with the keeper and honestly, only used it once. For the past year I have been using my birth control constantly to prevent periods. I figured this probably isn’t the best thing so I am going to go back to having my periods every 3 months…. Maybe once a month. I can’t even begin to describe how much I HATE getting a period.
So I am back to square one on trying to find a cup that will work for me. It took me forever to figure out the keeper and as I discovered it is one of the stiffest cups out there. Which explains why I always felt like a stuffed pig when I used it. I am looking for a few features and was hoping you all would be able to help! I imagine things have changed in the past year or so.

1). Would like it to be silicone
2). Less stiff – The keeper was incredibly difficult to fold – But I don’t want something so flimsy it won’t pop back open. I am still a newbie
3). Shorter stem. I know I can trim them but I’d rather not. This isn’t a deal breaker though.

Looking forward to all the input!
12 January 2015 @ 01:57 pm
Hello :D

A cup from India, in silicone : http://vcup.co.in/index.php
It seems to come in one size only : "VCup is 58mm in length and 43 mm at its widest point. It holds 18ml to air hole."
But the length may be without the stem, by looking at the small drawings of the measurements.

Apparently with a sanitizer pen and coin tissues - but I have no idea how they work..