20 December 2014 @ 11:28 pm
Hi all!

I supported the Lily Cup Compact on Kickstarter and will soon receive my first cup!

Does anyone have issues with the more solid bits of discharge getting stuck in their cups?
20 December 2014 @ 05:25 pm
i'm new to this. I never had heavy periods and did fine ith tampons my whole life. But recently developed abnormal uterine bleeding. I am seeign a GYN to try to resolve the issue. In the mean time, still bleeding most days.

I tried a Diva (size 2) since they are available in stores. It's uncomfortable. I tried turning it inside out and that seems to help. I also found the MeLuna website and they have this size calculator which said I should be a S or M. I decided on the Medium which is about a centimeter shorter than the Diva and a few mm smaller diameter. It is much more comfortable and easier to insert and remove.

But I wore the MeLuna (m) to a spin class today and it turned sideways inside during the workout and leaked!

I am extremely frustrated and keep reading everything about these things on teh web. It probalby does not help that I have been having a period, sometimes heavier than I ever was aware was humanly possible, for 22 weeks straight.

I keep reading how it is supposed to sit low in the vagina and I see the package insert drawings and they show the cup sitting so far below the cervix. That is totaly not the case with me for either the Diva or the Meluna. It is up there as far as it can go. IN fact it's wedged right up under the cervix. If I am not really careful and angle the Diva just right sort of front to back, it will be inserted all the way past my cervix. If I tried to make it sit low like these drawings look, either one would be protruding outside my vagina! (is this a situation where some male illustrator is making the drawings for a woman's product???)

Should I try a shorty? Has anyone tried one and what did you think? How are you built that you thought a shorty was right for you? I didn't think of myself as particularly petite, but MeLuna seems to think I'm a candidate for the small! I"m 5'2", medium frame, only 10 pounds over my ideal weight. I am (or was before this period fiasco) an avid exerciser and did many very strenuous activities and have been a weightlifter for decades. I do not think low pelvic muscle tone is the problem. I'm almost wondering if the muscles are too strong and too big?? And therefore pushing the things so far up inside?

Has anyone had success with a certain cup during exercise, especially lifts like squats and lunges and core stability?
18 December 2014 @ 10:56 pm
So I found this new cup online. It's called Eve Cup and it's a Dutch brand - which I thought was really cool at first, because I am Dutch too! At closer inspection however, this new brand looks suspiciously a lot like the Lunette.

You can check it out here: http://femfulness.com/nl/

Any thoughts on this? Has anyone heard of or tried this cup?
Hi, I have looked but couldn't find any other posts about this. I'm currently using a Mooncup for the first time and I have a pretty heavy flow. I think blood is collecting in the u-bend of the toilet. When I go to use the toilet the water in there has discoloured to a reddish brown since my last visit - and its not due to lack of flushing - I'm flushing multiple times with each visit, and sticking toilet cleaner down, to try and clear it all away.

Has anyone else had this problem? & can I stop it happening?
17 December 2014 @ 05:26 am
I'm a menstrual cup virgin and just placed an order for my first cup. I'm curious, intrigued and excited. Most of all I'm worried that my first gut reaction of "Eww" might prove to be true. I purchased the Anigan EvaCup because it came with a sterilization cup. I didn't purchase any washes or wipes because I felt like those prices were too high just because they were specifically labeled for menstrual cups when a more general cleanser would be cheaper while accomplishing the same goal.
I hope I made the right brand choice. Does anyone else use this brand, or used it in the past? I would like to hear everybody's experiences, stories and advice...the good AND the bad.

Hello all. I just wanted to chime in to share my newbie experience with menstrual cups and ask some teething problem questions.

I'm 23 and virgin but me and my hoo-haa are quite friendly on the weekends. I've used the Lunette Selene model 1 for a few cycles now but am having some trouble with removal & capacity (could be a cervix issue...) But aside from that it's been pretty nice, I remember when I first put it in despite being very objective (keeping an eye out for pain & any weird pulling assosiated with folds etc,) the first thought I had as soon as it sprang open once inside was, "This is the COOLEST thing in the WHIRL!!!1!1one!1" I was like, dang girl.

My questions are about pain-free removal re stretching (not urethra related,) and the cup not filling correctly despite no leaks.

Anyway, details below the cut.Collapse )
16 December 2014 @ 05:50 pm
I finally did it, I enlarged the holes of on diva cup! A lot people seem to agree that’s a good thing to do, but I had a heck of a time figuring out how people had actually done it, so here’s what I did. I bought a 2mm hole punch meant for leather on amazon. The holes didn’t come out very clean, the edges of the silicone are kind of chewed up and I had to rip off some bits that didn’t detach all the way. I was a little afraid I’d compromised the integrity of it or something, and it was going to start ripping and falling apart in a year. Which would be really sad because I'm excited about the possibility that this cup could last a really long time and save me lot of money. But it seems fine so far! Even when I stretch the holes to clean it, it doesn’t rip any further, so I think it's stable. They aren’t any more difficult to clean either. I’m not sure if it opens more easily (I never had much issue with opening) but it definitely opens faster. One downside is that with bigger holes, there’s less of a hissing sound as the air enters the cup, and I was used to paying attention to that to make sure it was opening. I haven’t had any issues with leaks or reduced capacity (as expected). As for removal, I think it removes easier, but it’s hard to tell because I’m trying to get the hang of new removal methods. I think it’s definitely easier to break the seal now, because before I could never really break the seal until it was almost out. But sometimes I’m still not able to break the seal and I don’t know if that has to do with cervix position or something else. All in all I would recommend doing this if you have a diva or another cup with small holes, but it's possible there's a better type of punch than the one I used.

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15 December 2014 @ 12:37 pm
Hi Everyone,
I am new to menstrual cups and am trying to decide which one to order. I am a virgin with a light to moderate flow and a low-average cervix. I am currently trying to decide between the small Lunette and the small Si-Bell but I am open to suggestions. The Lunette seems to work well for a lot of women and, therefore, seems like a good place to start but I am pretty sensitive and would like to minimize the likelihood that I will notice a cup while using it. I know that softer cups are often more comfortable for many women but that they can be more difficult to get open (and, thus, may not be ideal for a first-time user). From what I've read, it seems though that the Si-Bell is maybe a little easier to get open than some other soft cups. Is this true? Between the Si-Bell and the Lunette, which would you recommend? Is there another cup that you think I should be considering?
Thank you all for reading!
14 December 2014 @ 12:47 am
So I just got my Sckooncup, which I am delighted at, so I will spam you all with pics.

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tl;dr: I think there are two kinds of Sckoons out there, since my Sckoon is stiff like a small Lunette, which I was not expecting. Its capacity is slightly less than Lunettes and Yuukis and Fleurs and Si-bells, which I was expecting.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not disappointed in this cup. It's still a very lovely shaped and colored cup. It's stiffness just threw me off. I wish it was a tad softer- I don't like stiff rims (even the rim of the small Lunette is a bit stiff for my tastes) as they're more uncomfortable to remove.

Is my small (soft, old design) Yuuki unique in that the rim is softer than the body? Because I love love love that design, but even the Si-bell goes the other way. Are there any other cups like this? Is the new soft Yuuki like this still?

Sckooncup owners, chime in! Is yours super soft or not? What color is it and did you buy via Ecopac or regular packaging? I don't think size matters, but let's include it for completeness' sake. Because science. I'd like to get some more info before deciding whether to contact Sckoon and maybe exchange my cup. I think it's weird that this firmness discrepancy exists. There must be a pattern, and if not, well, who wants to play lottery with cup firmness? I didn't like being surprised.

Edit: So it seems like it's mostly the light blue and red cups that are firmer than expected, and even that varies by quite a bit (all the way to meluna classic firmness!). Perhaps it's something in the dye? Who knows. $6.90 to exchange my cup seems pretty steep for something that's really on them, not me. I guess I'll contact them and see how it goes.

Edit2: So I contacted Sckooncup and they had the gall to tell me that their cups were consistent in quality. Ha! Whatever. They don't seem willing to admit to mistakes, and my opinion of them as a company has fallen quite a bit. I won't bother with the hassle of returning. I guess I'll stick it in my purse to be the emergency back-up/show-off cup. At least I'll be able to use its prettiness for something.
14 December 2014 @ 12:19 am
Hello everyone! I've been lurking and reading plenty of posts here for a couple months, after contemplating the switch to a cup, after using tampons for years and years. I finally bit the bullet about a week ago and bought my first cup (DivaCup size 1, if I am remembering correctly. It was the pink box either way... 25 years old, reasonably active, but no children) but didn't have a chance to try it until today. I feel bad saying it, because I've seen so many first time users report problems with having the cup open up, or its poking them, or there are cramps involved, but so far no problems to report besides some minor leaking, that I think is more due to flow being caught between the cup and inner wall during insertion. The most recent cup adventure, as I've been calling my trips to the bathroom, resulted in my hitting my cervix during insertion which resulted in some awful cramps for a few minutes, but that went away. However, I have yet to sleep through the night with it, so perhaps there will be something new and exciting to report tomorrow (and so far the experience has been exciting, and learning about my own body is quite fun, actually... thats what I get for wanting to learn as much as I cam before actually using the cup).

Now, what I'm really curious about, is what reasoning do you all have for owning multiple cups? What benefit is there besides keeping a spare one in your bag just in case? I'm short on money, so unless I absolutely need to, I see no reason to own more than one, until Im in a better spot to spend the money. Also, why own different brands? Does one cup just sometimes fit incorrectly your period goes on, necessitating the switch to a different size, shape and firmness?
12 December 2014 @ 05:01 pm

Okay, so I recently heard about menstrual cups, and really was interested. My older sister is a doctor. So, I asked her if she has any experience that would help me pick the right one. Luckily, she had two diva cups already...and handed them to me that day. One is a size one, and the other is a size 2. Since I have never seen one I was not aware that there's not usually a 5th extra large hole punched near the top..

So anyways, I popped size 1 in and had no troubles really, didn't open all the way super easy, but got it within a couple tries. Had zero leaking. Worked fabulously!

So off I go to YouTube and Google to see what other colors and cups are available. And I see a reviewer with cups that have holes (other than the 4 tiny suction release holes) punched in the side, and she explains the sample or demo only cups come like that, so that they cannot be used.

GREAT! So I just used a cup that I shouldn't have for a whole week. My question is, is there something different (other than the large extra hole of course) about the sample cups that make them unusable? Will I end up getting some weird infection or illness? I so far have been feeling fine, no I'll effects as of yet that I can tell. No funny smell, no pain etc.

Is there any reason that I can't keep using the cups if they didn't leak...or bad idea?

I'd love input from y'all...I've learned quite a bit from reading here!! Thanks for any input! !
I now have my first cup! I am 15 years old, a virgin (duh), and I have the Lunette 1. One problem I have is that I can't fit the cup into the opening. My opening is so small and only the rim could fit in there. Maybe because I'm too tense? How can the opening be bigger?
My other question is how can I insert the cup through such a tiny hole? I tried the diamond, origami, and the c (c is too big) fold, but I wasn't successful. Sometimes it hurts when I slowly push it. Maybe it's the way I insert it? How do you guys insert it? What general direction do you insert your cup? Also I can hardly hold the cup because it would unfurl from the fold right when I insert the tip of the cup. ._. Any advice?
In short, what's the tiniest, thinnest fold? In what direction do you insert it? How do you fit a lunette through such a tiny opening? Thank you! :)
11 December 2014 @ 10:42 pm
This is my second cycle with the femmycycle. I inserted it and after about 40 minutes I bent down to grab something off of the floor and it felt like it shot up my vagina. Super duper weird. And a lot of pressure. This has never happened to me.

I took it out and reinserted it. And then bent my body a bit to flush the toilet and again, I felt like it shot up. I know it's not supposed to be completely open, but if it does open, why is it shooting up and feeling all super weird? Shouldn't my movement not affect it at all?

Any one else experience this?
10 December 2014 @ 05:37 pm
Anyone have any fixes for "leakage" that seems to be just the blood that gets trapped between the vaginal wall and the cup (I'm guessing it's the same as the blood that ends up on the tampon applicator after you remove it)? I don't think the cup itself (Mooncup, if it matters) is leaking or overflowing, but I'm still having to wear a pad as backup lest I stain my underwear, and I really hate pads.
10 December 2014 @ 10:34 am
So I was just wondering if any of you have purchased cups from ebay and if so what the results were?   Any horror stories?  Any really good ones?  Can we trust the silicone from China?

Ha, was channeling my inner Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec for a second.


Tried the Large Soft Yuuki for the first time this entire cycle and I had no leaks!!!!!

Man, I am so so happy and I hope this continues with future uses.

I had other new cups I really wanted to try first, but I just wanted to know how much menstrual fluid I produced.
It was 72ml in less than 40 hours!!! Yikes! (Average for most women is about 30-40ml in I don't know how many hours/days)

I was keeping a record of the amount of hours and ml and I was averaging about 2mL per hour.

Along with this high flow, I also have a high cervix.
So, this cup rode up as all my other cups do.
When I go to the bathroom, should I bring it back down a bit?

I ask because sometimes it felt like maybe I was going to leak, it felt weird, so I was afraid that maybe it was riding up and then maybe my cervix would dip into it and cause the seal to break. So, I tugged it down a bit, but then I was afraid I would break the seal doing that. Paranoia?

I guess time will tell, I just don't want to leak when I'm not home.

That's about it, I hope I get to try my other cups on my next cycle, but I love my Yuuki so much that I will wear it at work.

For reference, I had leaking problems with the small and large Lunette cups, I plan to give the large Lunette a couple of more chances to make my final review. But the small Lunette would break its seal within 2-3 hours and I have no idea why.
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08 December 2014 @ 02:41 pm

I'm a 21 year old virgin and I just got the diva cup model 1. I have no problem getting it in and open,  and it seems to seal up fine. But the instructions say to seal at you have to turn it 360 degree. And no matter what I try I can't turn it. Is this something to worry about or is it one of those things that they say you have to do but you don't have to do.
Also it feels like the grip and the stem of the cup are irritating the skin inside. Is there something I can do about this?
Thank you in advance for your health.
- Jackie

08 December 2014 @ 09:16 am
I am 33 and have three children (all C-sections). I am on cycle 3 of using a Divacup size 2 and I am just not getting the hang of it. #1 it fills up (on my heaviest three days) within 2 hours and leaks. I have to wear a pad just in case, which defeats the purpose doesn't it? #2 Getting the thing in is torture! This cycle I have started using olive oil as a lube, but it never inserts easily, it doesn't unfold right, and I usually end up spending a good 20 minutes up to my elbows in my vagina. This may be fine when I'm at home (although still frustrating) but again, doesn't this defeat the purpose? Then there are times when I do get it correctly inserted, stand up to do my daily only to feel it pop out. I like the idea of a chemical-free period, but as far as anything else, it is a nightmare. The only time it seems to work is if I spend 20 minutes in the bathroom getting it perfect and then go straight to bed. However, if it is one of my heavier days, it wakes me up with leakage within 4 hours (I get a little longer while sleeping) in this case though, a tampon is about the same or worse. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be the brand, size, user error, etc.? Thanks!
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08 December 2014 @ 08:19 am
I'm sure this cup would be good for someone with heavy flow. My flow is just way too heavy. I'm changing my cup about every hour now, since my fibroids have me that badly off now. Even though the capacity is just a bit more than the Meluna XL, I am thinking of going back to my Meluna. The reason why is that I've noticed no matter how well I fit the Love Yur Body cup into myself, it's never fully open. The cup is, imo, too soft for my body. The Meluna XL classic is somewhat firmer. There was one day, a few months ago, where the Luv Yur Body cup was so full that by the time I got to the toilet, it actually fell out of me. O.o But I'm sure most people will never have this issue. I just have too much blood and this cup is just not working for me. Perhaps if they make a firmer cup, or if my fibroids shrink some, it'll work better. It's a shame though because I do think the cup is so pretty and buying from their company was so pleasant.
06 December 2014 @ 09:31 pm
I just purchased a Lunette Model 1 and it arrived today. Yay! I want to take it on a dry run before my period in a couple of days but I've got a problem... The instructions say to boil it before first using, but I'm in college and don't have the ability to boil water in my room. I've got a microwave, but that's it. Can I use it after just cleaning it with soap and water or do I need to wait to boil it before I use it?
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06 December 2014 @ 02:33 pm
Hello! I am new to this community as well as re-usable menstrual cups.
I have been interested in getting a re-usable menstrual cup for a few months and now I think I am ready to get one- But I absolutely have no idea what brand or size to get. I have been using Softcups for the past 5 cycles and am not happy with them because after several hours they start to leak. I am afraid that I'll get the wrong kind and waste my money as they are a bit expensive for me to buy more than one. There are also so many brands and I really have no clue as to which brand would be best for me- it makes my head start to spin! And I also don't know what size to get. I'm an 18 year old virgin with an average cervix and average flow. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all very much!
Dear DivaCup:

Please punch actually functional suction holes in your cups, perhaps wider than .00000000002 mm wide.


All 3.5 billion XX chromosome possessors


(Think the company might get the message this time?!)
My cup works well for me, I can get 12 hours out of it without overflow leaks, and other leaks only happen when it ends up squished next to my cervix instead of around it (at least I think that’s the issue). Removal is not painful for me, but there is a bit of a tugging sensation (indicating suction). This would not bother me except now I’m worried about how that could effect an IUD, and I’m a little worried that I’ve been pulling my cervix lower over the last 8 months. I’ve been told not to worry about pulling on the cervix, but it still seems plausible that this could be bad.

Everybody talks about breaking the seal as you remove the cup, and that prevents suction. And I thought I knew what that meant but now I’m not sure. Usually to remove, I grip the stem with my nails and pull it down gently until the base is in reach and then I’ll pinch the base and pull it farther, folding it a little before removing the rim. The issue is, the actual “seal” doesn’t break until the “folding it a little” part, when the cup is already half way out of me, and that’s when a hear the sound of a little air rushing into it. I’ve read some people say they insert one finger all the way up to the rim and push it inwards, but when I tried that, I could tell that me cervix was in the cup. So if my dangly cervix extends a few cm into the cup, then I can’t break the seal that way, I just end up squishing the cervix and not accomplishing anything. So even if I’m able to break the seal a little earlier than I have been doing, I’ll still be getting suction and pulling on my cervix. This is concerning to me for two reasons. First, I’m trying to get an IUD next month, and I’ve heard a lot about how it’s just fine to use a menstrual cup with an IUD… as long as you break the seal before removal! Second, I’m worried because I didn’t know until recently that I had a dangly cervix, and I don’t know for sure that it’s always been this way. I checked a few times in the past and never found it, though never on my period, and often while I was aroused, which can make the cervix higher. But now I’m about a week away from my period starting and my cervix is within reach, I’m just a little afraid that it didn’t used to be that way, although I can’t be sure. So I’m thinking about enlarging the holes, don’t know if that will help. I have a diva size 1, which I know is long, but I don’t want to look for a shorter cup because I think it will just ride up around my dangly cervix and then I won’t be able to reach it and will get bad capacity. I thought about trying one with a smaller rim diameter, but it would have to be much smaller, and then I would worry it wouldn’t be gripped by the vaginal walls well enough to prevent leaks.

TL;DR here are my questions:
If you have a dangly cervix that hangs down into the cup, how do you break the seal?
Any dangly cervix people with IUDs? Could my cervix position make an IUD and a cup a bad combination?
Will enlarging the holes on my cup mean I can get away with not “breaking the seal” as long as I pull slowly?
Is there any possibility that using my cup, or maybe using it carelessly, could be pulling my cervix farther down?
What should I look for if I want a cup that my cervix will not hang out inside of?
I skimmed a bit but didn't seem to find information on this.

I got my Diva Cup Size 2 (I'm 36, got it when I was 35, sexually active, never was pregnant) back in May of this year, and it was pretty much love at first insertion. Seriously, I don't even want to use pads anymore, and I've never been big on tampons because they exacerbate my already pretty bad cramps.

When I first got the cup, I had absolutely no problems getting it to pop open, it was stiff enough, and I could practically do it in my sleep, but in recent months, it's been getting increasingly harder to get it to open. My method/fold of choice since the beginning has been the punch-down fold, as the S or C folds just leave the cup folded closed when I insert. But now, the punched-down side just pops back in place, and the cup often doesn't open, but stays stuck in the closed-fold as if I had put it in using a C fold. The cup does feel softer than it did in the beginning, too, and at first I was thinking it was just me being used to it, but now I really am starting to think it's becoming softer and that is becoming an issue.

So my questions are: Is it possible that my Diva got softer in about 6 months to the point where it is no longer suitable? And what would be a good replacement, in case I need a stiffer cup? Also, and this may be the key, I seem to have less issues on days where my flow gets a bit heavier, I feel looser and it slides in easier, maybe I just need to lube things up?

For the record, I don't necessarily need the capacity, I've always had a light-ish flow (could have easily gone 12+ hours with a regular medium-flow pad most days if it hadn't been un-hygienic to do so), but I do need the length, as I have a ridiculously high cervix, even during my period, and even the Diva Size 2 is sometimes hard to grasp for me (I'm short with relatively short fingers and arms and have a hard time reaching in all sorts of positions, lol).

So if I need to change cups because the Diva is too soft, I need something that is about the same length.

Not sure which tags to use, Mods, feel free to add them or give pointers. ;)
04 December 2014 @ 02:11 pm
I'm a 19 year old virgin who recently purchased a Diva Cup model 1. Putting it in is a breeze (using coconut oil as a lube that is), but removing it is a totally different story. This morning for example, I got up, went to the toilet, and tried to pull it out. I can push the stem down but I have trouble gripping the actual cup, and once I do get a good grip on it, it seriously hurts like hell getting it all the way out. I also cant get a finger more than half way up the cup to push it down when it's inside of me. I don't want to stop using it because it works wonders for me when it's in, is there a way to make the removal process easer without having to physically stretch myself with my fingers, because I'm not comfortable with that, or will it just get easier over time? Any thoughts?